Wednesday, October 3, 2007

Its Here Mandrake

"That's how your hard-core commie conspiracy operates" said General Jack Ripper in Doctor Stranglove. It was a parody then but its just a factual observation now. Some poor shlub criticises MoveOn.Org by putting a few parody t-shirts on CafePress and the Social Fascists at MoveOn send in the lawyers with harassing law suits. The Stalinists in this country are openly trying to bully and muzzle American citizens while they work under cover of the non-profit charity clause of our tax code (which specifically DOESNT cover political advocacy groups). MoveOn has the open support of every prominent Democrat and openly works as an adjunct to the Clinton Crime Family. And where are those Republicans who arent hiding in airport bathrooms or secretly working on earmarks for bridges to nowhere? Cowering in silence. The party that should be sticking up for us and loudly demanding an investigation into the non-profit status of this Stalinist thug group are nowhere to be found. When the 'General Betray-Us' ad was unleashed it was talk radio that mounted the only effective reaction. This is the future writ large.
An interesting side note. In the 1930's when law enforcement caught and convicted organized crime thugs who had immigrated here from other countries and become citizens they were stripped of their citizenship and deported. Ah, to have a legal system that protected society's best interests. Now, more than half a century later our Democracy and our economic system are under assault by a criminal conspiracy led by the Clintons , who are native-born and who should just be in prison, and that repulsive Stalinist toad George Soros. Soros fled Hungary after the war to escape the Stalinist (and anti-semitic) regime that was installed by the Red Army. He went on to become a successful billionaire currency and bond speculator. Now he has become the leader of a group that engages in scurrilous attacks on private citizens and fraudulently misrepresents itself as a non-profit group under our tax code while it acts as an auxilliary arm of the Clinton Crime Family. They openly support the terrorists and work for the destruction of Israel and the death of all the Jews who live there. It would be justice to strip this creep of his citizenship and deport him to his native Hungary, where communists are hated and despised but tolerated. After all, Al Capone was brought down by tax-code violations. I know it wont happen in a thousand years, in fact this criminal clique is poised to seize power in 2008, but its a nice dream.

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