Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Hillary The Neo-Hawk

At some point, while she was promising to mail everyone with a newborn 5000 bucks and everybody else a thousand bucks Miss Hilly must have taken a phone call from the dude that runs her focus groups. She must have been told that even the amongst the befuddled clods stupid enough to consider voting for her that there are many who have listened to the Dem's last four years of cringing defeatism and support for the terrorists and have concerns that her and her peacenik friends might not be effective stewards of our armed forces. Of course, the reality is that the military will only be used in real national emergencies, an attack on Canada to eliminate Bimbo Eruption Belinda Stronach for example, but in truth the Entitlement tidal wave will hit in the next couple of years which might make necessary cuts in the military that will make taking on the armed forces of our Mighty Northern Ally an unachievable dream.
But that's then, this is now, when the prime objective for our Stalinist pin-up is GET ELECTED.
So, she has to overcome her loathing of anything military and present herself as some sort of born-again hawk. Any look at the pathetic military and foreign policy track record of the Clintonoids should give the lie to any politically motivated move away from her natural values-- so charmingly displayed when she called General Petraeus a liar. But of course if she saw that the situation in Iran was getting dangerous she would attack. Yeah right.
The Clints have always looked on every crisis or political situation with only one question in mind, "How can we benefit personally". We had eight years of them compromising the national interests;taking bribes to provide the Chicoms with advanced telemetry information and equipment, ignoring terrorism except on the day BJ committed perjury on national TV and the day he was impeached for it,the cowardly bug-out in Somalia, delaying the air attack on Saddam until the day BJ was impeached, exploiting the Oklahoma City bombing for political purposes, the list is endless. To take ANYTHING either of these shameless liars says as anything but a tactical political move calculated to soften up one demographic group or another is lunacy. Hillary will make no moves of any sort against Iran but will scratch and cluck with the other Socialist chickens at the UN. If she did read some polls that told her she could shoot her way out of some domestic political crises by attacking I would be terrified that her inept, halfhearted approach would not finish the job and leave us in a worse situation than before.

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