Sunday, October 28, 2007

Jindal Shows We Can Win

Louisiana has been a Democratic State since the days of Huey Long in the 1930's. Even though it started voting Republican in the national elections in 1968 the local elections, especially in New Orleans, still put plenty of Democrats into office. Enough to make it an economic backwater, depending on the oil and chemical industries to keep its economy afloat. But slowly that had been changing as the successful governments of neighboring states showed the folly of the tax-the-wealthy/give-more-handouts philosophy of government. Things were beginning to change. The Dem's started losing their edge.
In 2002 on election day, when it looked like Mary Landrieu was going to lose her Senate seat, Bill Clinton and Donna Brazile got on the phone to party hack officials in New Orleans and within an hour the school buses were out of the parking lots and into the neighborhoods, picking up Democratic voters and delivering them to the polls. But three years later, when Hurricane Katrina approached, the phones were silent. Instead of doing their duty the hack officials fled and the buses stayed in their parking lot. Karma Baby! Its funny that the state that George Bush (according to all you libs) gave the back of his hand to has become so firmly Republican. Maybe the price of decades of pure Democratic corruption (Ms. Landrieu's father being one of the worst) sunk in to the people of Louisiana as the water started pouring over the levees that were supposedly managed by the Demo cronies on the levee commissions.
And when the governor's race rolled around all the usual candidates were swamped by Bobby Jindal, a free-enterprise conservative. The once faithful and plentiful school-bus voters in the New Orleans slums had migrated to fatter welfare checks in other states and there werent enough remaining to turn the tide for the libs. Now that snivelling panhandler Mary Landrieu has her job on the line. With fewer brain-dead welfare slugs on the voting rolls her prospects look dim in '08, especially with a Clinton ticket mobilizing conservatives to get to the polls upstate.
The Corrupt Big Government past of the Dems has come back to haunt them here. We can win seats in the Senate and the Presidency on issues like this. The Dems are weak in a lot of places on the corruption/competence issue if we go on the offensive.

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