Saturday, October 13, 2007


Today Katheryn Lopez wrote a column asking why the Clints continue to associate with convicted felon Sandy Burglar and have made him Ms. Clint's foreign policy advisor in her attempt to purloin the presidency.
How appropriate that Ms. Lopez starts her column with a reference to these two felons as characters from the 'Sopranos'. The Clinton Crime Family strikes again! How many ex-Presidents have their toadies sneak into the National Archives and steal Presidential papers? Answer, just one. The worst President in US history. A shameless blowhard, or should I say a pair of shameless blowhards, with contempt for the truth, the law and the American people. The usual liberals are on this site (Townhall) trying, as they always do, to put makeup on this pair of lawless, inept pigs as they run snorting towards terms three and four but if its not this incident then its a thousand others. Chicom cash, criminal associates, incompetence in office, endless lying and changing their heartfelt views with every shift in the political wind, all accompanied by a chorus of hosanna singers in the media; the MO of these two weasels should be glaringly obvious to all. Part of the cover-up agenda is to obfuscate, talk about the crimes of Millard Fillmore, the evil Bush, the runaway chickens in Romania, anything to change the subject away from the serial criminality exhibited by these two marauders and their gawking cohorts. The instant any allegation is made the sock-puppets start spewing nonsense to muddle the debate.
The point of the column is well made; while they were embroiled in domestic corruption and scandals these mutts dropped the ball BIG TIME in the War On Terror and Los Angeles International Airport was saved from a bloody 9/11-style terrorist attack by one vigilant customs agent.And then these gumbahs suborned a felony to cover their tracks. As Mrs. Clinton said so heartwarmingly during the Impeachment Bombing of Baghdad, "Happy Ramadan!"

An afterthought; the Clints were terribly upset that Bush got the credit for leading us after 9/11 when all BJ has for his legacy is Newt's economy and Impeachment. If that danged customs agent in Washington had just let that carload of explosives get by what a legacy BJ would have today! Maybe Henry Waxman should investigate that Republican border guard...

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