Saturday, October 6, 2007

Mitt? I'm Not Convinced

Unknown Governors who slither their way into the White House can be a disaster.

Mitt Romney is presenting himself as a new voice in the Republican Party. He might turn out to be the strong, hard-hitting conservative who turns back the rising tide of giveaway programs and the calls for a weak, reactive foreign policy. Then again he might not.
We've had alot of unknown governors appear out of political obscurity to become President since Jimmy The Jerk invented the process in 1976. The m.o. is clear; a narcissistic but little-known governor uses either his ability to charm TV audiences or his inside connections to engineer himself into the White House. The lack of a strong ideological track-record allows them to wiggle from left to right depending on the audience, without being nailed to their past statements or actions. This process has brought us two of the worst presidents in American history; one an anti-semitic peanut farmer whose ability to overcome his inordinate fear of communism nearly lost the Cold War, whose blind idiocy help depose mild pro-American autocracies in Iran and Nicaragua and replace them with implacably Anti-American totalitarian dictatorships, and whose left-wing economic policies nearly destroyed the economy, and a Huey Long type charlatan who sat in the Oval office with his pants around his ankles taking bribes and pondering his legacy while terrorists were attacking us undisturbed and 800,000 people were being slaughtered in Rwanda. Then came Chamber Of Commerce poster-boy W, the Compassionate Conservative, except that he wasnt very conservative. His tax cuts were temporary and his creation of a gigantic Prescription Drug entitlement has taken us farther down the road to national bankruptcy. When it came time to pick a Supreme Court Justice he picked his liberal, unqualified secretary and got pissed off when the base wouldnt buy it. His Chamber Of Commerce buddies were so eager for cheap, foreign labor that Bush let Ted Kennedy and LaRaza write an immigration bill that would have given citizenship to every terrorist, felon or drug-dealer that asked for it and expanded the welfare, Social Security and Earned Income Tax Credit rolls to the breaking point.We've gambled three times on unknown governors so lets not make this mistake again. Romney hasnt been around long enough to be trusted.
The only Republican who has been on the scene and who has enough of a track record in the open and under fire is Rudy. He took the war to the enemy in the heart of liberalism, New York City. He's been cursed and attacked by race-baiting poverty pimps like Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson and by the Democratic Party Newsletter (aka The New York Times). He has cut government, fought public employee unions and was the first mayor to attack the petty crimes that lead to major crimes, thus lowering the crime rate in a city once considered terminally dangerous. When 9/11 happened he was almost buried as the buildings collapsed. And now he's the candidate that realizes that the old pattern of winning in Iowa or New Hampshire and then using the publicity generated by your victory for the next few weeks until the next primaries to establish your brand with the public has been made obsolete by the crowding of almost all the primaries into a very short time-span in February and March. A national strategy for a national campaign. He has started this by attacking Hillary Clinton, the hated enemy who unites all Republicans. I dont have any fear of him wavering on the choices of judges for the Supreme Court. He will be tough and wily enough to deal with Iran and the Chicoms. He is a known quantity.How can we consider any other choice?

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