Monday, October 8, 2007

Pious Liberals

B. Hussien Obama today made the statement,
"`What role does faith play?' I say, `It plays
every role.'" Yeah sure.
Liberals are religious in the same way that
they support capital punishment; they do it
to rope in a few misguided rubes during an
election. Later on they'll nominate radical
judges who will invent new clauses in our
'living constitution' to prevent capital
punishment and further inhibit the seditious
spread of 'spiritual propaganda'
(aka Christianity) to an American youth
better occupied with the fate of polar bears
dying because Global Capitalism is warming
the planet. The most magic liberal Christian
moment in recent years was President BJ Clinton
emerging from some interminable Easter
service at the National Cathedral with a twenty
pound Bible under his arm and Mrs. Bimbo
Eruptions in tow. The Good Book and the
obviously Not So Good Wifey were dumped
off and the Presidential limo headed for the
Oval Office where one Monica Lewinski was
soon down on her knees humbly receiving her
April Shower. Someday someone with an
ACLU lawyer will sue because driving past a
church with a cross on top of its steeple
traumatizes their poor little crumb-cruncher
and some Clinton-appointed judge will rule
that public display of a cross is a form of religious
intimidation. B. Hussein Obama and all the
rest will piously nod in agreement. Now,
I'm not at all religious myself but its amazing that
any Christian doesnt see the purposeful
campaign to marginalize their beliefs in
public discourse by the leftists.
But lest you think I am politically biased
in this I will mention that our Most
Compassionate President, reported to
be a Republican (and a religious one at that)
is having a dinner to celebrate the end
of Ramadan to which are invited leading
Wahabi's and radical Muslims tied to
terrorist front groups, while moderate
Muslims and
Ayaan Hirsi Ali (a woman
who wrote an eloquent book chronicling
the plight of women in Islam) were
pointedly NOT invited, Political pandering
at its worse. This guy doesnt know who
his friends are. The people that are normally
furious when Bush makes any sort of Christian
reference are silent in this case. Political
Correctness is the religion of politics.

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