Friday, October 19, 2007

Fujian Fundraising

Clinton has enlisted the aid of Chinese neighborhood associations, especially those representing recent immigrants from Fujian province. The organizations, at least one of which is a descendant of Chinatown criminal enterprises that engaged in gambling and human trafficking, exert enormous influence over immigrants. The associations help them with everything from protection against crime to obtaining green cards. donors19oct19,0,4231217.story? coll=la-home-center

Can you believe this? "Human traffickers exert enormous influence over immigrants." Gee, what must that be like, to have enormous influence exerted over you? I'll bet it hurts, a LOT. I'll bet you feel raped and humiliated when the pennies you earned working 12 hour days are ripped off by some thug. So the Clinton Crime Family is either gathering campaign funds by shaking down illegal alien dishwashers and street vendors or they're taking payoffs from people who kidnap young girls and force them to become prostitutes.
Nice for a Feminist.
Except I dont believe it. This is just another gush of Chicom bribe money aimed at their favorite power couple. The amazing thing is she'll get away with it. People will watch a major Presidential candidate either fundraise by getting criminals to rob helpless poor people or by using those same criminals to bundle phony donations to hide a payment from a foreign intelligence service. It's all in the open, there wont be any investigation and the mouth-breathing morons and delusional hippies who are her constituency will buy it hook, line, and sinker that this is all that big, bad, Vast Right Wing Conspiracy saying bad things about the Friend Of The Children. How can the left feel good about this? It goes beyond mere political chicanery, its illegal, its immoral and it points to a very cosy relationship with a hostile, dangerous, corrupt dictatorship that allows these human trafficking gangs to operate in China. This is just one more example of why we have to stop the Clinton menace. If the Clints have a relationship with violent criminal gangs is it not thinkable that they would use these gangs to unofficially silence their opponents once they're in power? If they'll shake down illegal aliens and take bribes from the Chicoms to get themselves in power what else would they do to keep a grip on it?
Every Democrat is totally disgraced by this.

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