Sunday, October 14, 2007

New Hampshipe Yuppies Speak!

Clinton was the overwhelming choice among those polled who want a strong leader or someone who will bring about change _ 44 percent chose her compared with 20 percent for Obama and 11 percent for Edwards.

What motivates anyone to think that Hillary Clinton is anything but a corrupt, incompetent phony? These are the kind of dolts that vote to infest their local and state governments with Democrats and then complain when their property taxes go through the roof and the holes in their roads dont get fixed. She will raise taxes steeply and progressively enough to cause a depression. She will nationalize health care so that in a couple of years you will be looking fondly back on the free County charity hospitals that exist today and wishing you had them back along with the giant chunk of your paycheck deducted for 'free' health care. When the Social Security, Medicare, HillaryCare tidal wave of deficits arrives our currency will inflate prodigiously, wiping out the 401K retirement plans of the smug yuppies who voted her into office and putting even lower middle class people into the highest tax brackets. Illegal aliens will become legal and, with the integrity of our election system destroyed, they will be able to vote. Judges will legislate freely from the bench. Schools will all be run by the Federal Government (private, religious and at home schooling will be illegal) but the tedious propaganda mandated by the bureaucrats will be so incompetently taught by the ignorant and uninspired teachers (protected in their lifetime tenure by their ferocious Union) that most people will be functionally illiterate. Higher grades will be available for a small gratuity. The elite will, of course have their own schools and hospitals, creating a hereditary ruling class. Union membership (and dues) will become compulsory and secret ballots in union elections a thing of the past. Critics will have their taxes unfairly audited and be unable to receive even the inferior government health care available to normal plebes. High, restrictive tariffs will eliminate export jobs and make consumer goods more expensive and of lower quality. The open bribery at the top will penetrate down through the echelons of government as government salaries will not be able to keep up with inflation and the degraded legal system will make any criminal conviction improbable. The small military remaining after the giant cuts will not be able to protect our interests, causing a huge energy shortage. The deterioration of the power grid and its incompetent management in the hands of political cronies will cause frequent blackouts. No business will be able to operate without kickbacks to local,state and national politicians but businesses will receive compensation for that in the form of non-enforcement of worker wage and safety laws. The Chicoms will seize Taiwan unmolested. Iran will dominate the Middle East after a small nuclear war in which all Jews in Israel are vaporized. The birthrate will plummet far below replacement. Drugs will become effectively legal to mollify the vast crowds of the unemployed who will live on the dole.
Yes, she is the candidate of change!
P.S. If you think that I'm a raving lunatic, just go to any third-world socialist state and you'll see that none of this is original at all. This is the result of the policies presently advocated by Mrs. Clinton and all liberals.

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