Monday, September 1, 2008

Obama Can't Make The Sale

It's obvious something has gone badly wrong with the Obama campaign. A lot of people who would normally be enthusiastic Democrats are not on board with the campaign of Hope and Change. What has gone wrong? The reason is very obvious but it hasn't appeared in any well-thought-out editorial or lengthy think-piece in any magazine. No learned academic has pondered the scene and come up with the answer.
The answer is simple; in the upside-down PC world that we live in the negative aspects of black culture and how government policies have fostered and encouraged those negative aspects have created a deep resentment in many groups who are now being asked to support Barak Obama without any acknowledgment of their feelings.
The 'uprising' in Los Angeles in 1991 is a good example. The press glorified the scum who took to the streets to loot and vandalize and terrorize the peaceful members of the community. Criticism of the thugs who perpetrated this crime wave was not allowed. Sanctimonious 'black leaders' grabbed the microphones to inform us that these poor victims were only acting out after years of terrible discrimination. The policemen who were acquitted of assaulting Rodney King, a drunken thug on PCP who was actively attacking the officers who came to back up the helpless female CHP officer who pulled King over for his wild, erratic driving, were charged a second time for the same offense (isn't there something in the Constitution about that. I guess they were tried under our 'Living Constitution!) and retried by a kangaroo court and given harsh sentences. In the first trial the DA wasn't able to put the violent, hate-filled maniac of a victim on the stand because his presence would have made the case for the officers even more graphically. When King took the stand in the second trial he was obviously tranked-out to the max and barely able to speak. The penalty for the rest of us was to be subjected to years of preaching based on a severely edited videotape which cut out any indication that King was stoned and violent.
We all watched the shots of jubilation in the black community as the incredibly, obviously guilty of a vicious, violent double murder OJ Simpson was set free by a racist jury after a stomach-turning 'defence' that aimed at stirring up racial hatred. It was disgusting and vile.
How do you think the KKKoreans who had their homes and businesses burned and looted in the 1991 riot felt about the delightful religious musings of The Right Reverend Wright? They can be joined by every kid who went to a high school with a large number of blacks and watched the administration look the other way while people were bullied and intimidated. When I was a kid I lived in a suburb of Philadelphia. Many of the people in that suburb had fled a formerly livable city that had become an urban nightmare filled with violence, garbage and broken windows. How do they feel about Obama and Wright?
The Latino vote is always held to be a sure Democratic plus, but dont be so sure this year. Relatively recent immigrants might remember their first days in AmeriKKKa's inner cities and how they were treated by their black neighbors when it comes time to pull the lever for the Candidate Of Hope.
How many white kids with 1400+ SAT scores and 4.0 GPAs were refused admission to universities while black kids with 1100 SATs and 3.0 GPAs were admitted? Civil service and large corporations...same story.
And, for the last forty years, while all of this has been going on we've been treated to a litany of complaints that there is a higher proportion of young black men in prison because of white racism. A total lie. We've watched black criminals in high office like Adam Clayton Powell, Marion Barry, William 'refrigerator' Jefferson and Kwame Kilpatrick be treated with kid gloves, ignored and then re-elected by the same black community as they sneer at the 'white legal system'. We've watched lying loudmouth bullies like Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton receive huge payoffs from cowardly corporations in exchange for racial 'peace'. Al Sharpton was caught lying to try to get a local sheriff and two of his men thrown in prison for raping and assaulting a black girl; a 'crime' that never happened. Does Obama have any criticism of these paragons? I haven't heard it.
Throughout all this the media has inundated us with a stream of anti-white racial abuse by these clowns with no ability by anyone with a conflicting view to speak up. When Bill Cosby said a few words against the prevailing PC wisdom he became an instant non-person. Only one view on race is acceptable in this country and those who leave the reservation become pariahs.
So now Obama is 'just like us' is he? He sat there for twenty years listening to that lying Marxist crackpot Wright as he spewed his febrile 'Black Liberation Theology' at the top of his lungs and ponied up big contributions and dedicated earmarks of taxpayer dollars to help the 'community service' projects of that hate-filled racist maggot and others like him. But there are thousands of Wrights and Farrakhans preaching in the black community. The New York Times might find them thought-provoking but the lower middle class voters who Obama and Co. are now trying to reach are not so well-disposed to being called murderous, redneck, racist crackers who spend all their time conspiring to wreck the aspirations of poor, downtrodden black people.
Of course the granola-eating upscale white hippies who support Obama send their kids to safe, clean private schools and live in gated communities or well-guarded luxury apartment buildings and are able to look at all this with the proper perspective; we need to do more to end racism and become a unified nation. White racism, that is. Black racism doesn't exist in their world. The press can pontificate about a hidden racist vote; 'The Bradley Effect' , where people tell the pollster they might vote for the Media Approved black candidate and then in the voting booth revert to their AmeriKKKan racist roots. Learned academics can appear on TV and tell us how far we still have to go, piously rolling their eyes skyward and asking, "Is America Ready?"
America will be ready to vote for Obama when he tells us why he sat in that church for so long. Why he called us 'bitter clingers'. Why he supports reparations for slavery. What he feels about Al Sharpton.
All of a sudden the black faces in the TV shot behind Obama at speeches have disappeared. The Democratic Convention was Negro-free on the Prime-Time podium, except for the Candidate and his wife who was in drag as June Cleaver. The story line has changed to 'We're Just like You'. The PR campaign has shifted gears. Its too late.

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