Tuesday, September 30, 2008

A Vow Broken

I'm voting for Obama! Yes, thats right, you read right! I'm crossing the aisle and don't try to stop me. I might even go down to Planned Parenthood and sign myself up for an abortion, that's how angry I am. That growing lump of protoplasm in my head that was actually saying good things about McLame needs to be terminated before it gives birth to a Liberal Republican.

How has this happened? What has caused me to become so unhinged, to the point where my solemn vow of only a few weeks ago has been cast away in contempt? McLame's unbelievably LAME performance in this financial crisis is the reason. When real Republicans stood up for Free Enterprise and against the Pelosi Gang McLame was at some campaign stops bragging about how he has stood firm against earmarks! As the tidal pull of Fannie-Freddie pulled the financial markets into chaos he denounced Wall Street.

McLame has been handed the Premiere political issue of all times. He's running against the second largest recipient of Fan-Fred bribes surrounded by a Democratic party that benefited to the tune of tens or even hundreds of millions of dollars in embezzled taxpayer cash. There is a huge wave of anger against the creeps who did this to our country.

And from McLame...not a peep. While Barry The Brazen wanders the landscape bragging about what a positive difference he's made in the current state of Armageddon by wrecking the meeting in the Cabinet Room through sheer ignorance and arrogance , and now trying to pin the whole affair on McLame and Bush, McLame ignores the biggest political issue of all time, apparently in agreement with BHO and forgetting that he actually tried to rein in Fan-Fred three years ago.

The phone calls and e-mails that flooded Congress and scared the Democrats into running for the tall timber would have touched off a response in a candidate who was trying to WIN an election. A true leader would have taken his place in front of an angry mob and delivered a bailout of the stricken financial sector that was within the bounds of fiscal sanity. A champion would be calling for a real investigation of Raines, Johnson, Gorelick, Frank, Dodd et al and calling for an accounting of every penny.

We've got a candidate who won't stoop to telling the truth to win an election. How honorable. If he won't tell the truth now, when it's there for us all to see, plain as day, how can we trust him to tell us the truth ever. Isn't facing truth the first step to any reform? What a four-flushing phony he is. Picking Palin was a nice stunt but if that's his only piece of daring during the entire campaign this pathetic candidate is going to lose.

Yes, in the Middle Ages when you made a vow you would rather die than burn in Hell for the sin of Perjury. When I considered breaking my vow I remembered an option made available to us aisle-crossers by our Living Ten Commandments. Like our Living Constitution it adds an element of personal interpretation that renders the most solemn undertaking negotiable. So some day, probably soon once Obama federalizes the health care industry with the same level of skill that his fellow libs used on the banks, I'll walk up to the Golden Gate, look St. Peter in the eye and announce without guilt, without shame in the voice of the pure and just, "It's just my private blog!"

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