Wednesday, September 17, 2008


Watching McCain throw away one of the great political issues of all time makes me want to take back everything complimentary that I've said about him for the last few weeks and break my vow against using the nickname McL... that I swore I would drop from my blog. Maybe its me. Maybe I'm just a hate-filled, raging angry partisan who needs to wash down a valium with some brandy and switch my radio from Mark Levin to Easy listening. Put away the White Zombie and concentrate on Mozart, so to speak. But look at what he's been doing! The Freddie Mac and Fannie Mae scandals are one hundred percent Democrat. The people who milked tens of millions from them in undeserved bonuses were top Clinton Administration officials. Millions were handed out to Jesse Jackson's Operation PUSHY and the career criminals at ACORN. All the political contributions that these two quasi-governmental mock corporations handed out were to Democrats; biggest receivers being Chris Dodd, BARAK OBAMA, Joe Biden, and Hillary Clinton. I'd watch out for a sawed-off governor of New Mexico if I were them; it seems that he was the only one on the stage of the Dem presidential debates that wasn't pocketing huge wads of cash from Freddie and Fannie and he's probably mighty POed to find out about it. Richardson has probably been wandering the halls of the state house in Santa Fe late at night drunk with a loaded revolver babbling about 'fixing those bustards'. I wouldn't be surprised to find that Chris Matthews and Wolf Blitzer weren't raking in some nice 'consultancy' fees on the side. This is a perfect example of the Dems using the government to intervene in the market, in this case by removing almost all obstacles to qualifying for a mortgage while they made credit card interest non-deductable, ensuring that people would constantly refinance consumer debt into the inflated equity of their house and opening the door to flippers and speculators of all sorts. Then, when the house of cards collapses these rats pocket their ill-gotten gains and walk away singing a soul-stirring aria about how 'the unregulated free market just doesn't work'! San Fran Nan says this has nothing to do with the Democrats and that she's going to launch an investigation...right after Hell freezes over from Global Cooling. The New York Slimes and the rest of the media mutts are barking about the failure of Free Enterprise and how this proves we need more government. More government? Did those Clintonistas forget to steal something? They screw up everything they touch with their idiocy about inclusiveness tied to a Pacific Ocean sized lust for unearned cash. If these socialist choads get their incompetent hands on our medical system we're going to live short painful existences before we end up croaking during the 36 hour wait to see a practical nurse at one of the few remaining clinics.
Now we have the nauseating sight of Barak 'going on the offensive' to get his Big Mo back by ATTACKING MCCAIN about his role in the Fred-Fan crash! Talk about offensive! Two of his economic advisors are Johnson and Raines who walked away with $100 mil from the wreck of Fan-Fred. But thats what you expect from a Democrat, they're the worst liars possible. You have to be if you represent a philosophy with a century-long record of TOTAL FAILURE! The decade and a half of dominance by the Clintons, who were so egregiously dishonest that they seemed, by comparison, to be even more dishonest than regular Democrats, might have blinded us to the fact that all Democrats are equally dishonest. Mark Levin talks today about how Barney Frank and Co. opposed a Bush attempt in 2003 to impose regulations and controls on Freddie and Fannie by citing the needs of the poor and minorities while him and his friends were looting this taxpayer-funded pool of cash and reviling free markets. For one of the biggest political beneficiaries ($125,000 in contributions) Barak Obama, to now be on the stump trying to lay this on the shoulders of Bush, who tried to stop it, and McCain, who didn't take a penny from this trough of sludge, is loudly speaking the biggest political lie since the 9/11 commission (starring Jamie Gorelick who received a cool $40 mil from Fred-Fan) let the incompetent Clinton Administration off the hook for the terrorist attacks. These same people whose lies and incompetence have been overlooked when they got three thousand people killed and 10% of the office space in NYC reduced to a smoking crater are now popping up in the smoldering wreckage of the home mortgage industry with a long record of paying Democratic legislators to head off the many attempts at oversight by the GSA or the Bush Administration.
Now, with the Democrats yelling about the failures of the market and the Bush Administration...and McCain's inability to understand 'the pain of the little guy' it seems that, yet again, our Aisle-Crossing Fearless Leader is reluctant to speak the truth against his aisle-crossing buddies on the Dem side of the aisle. I guess a few weeks of actually fighting back against these greedy, lying, larcenous creeps was too much for the old duffer. He's already been feeling guilty about Rudy Giuliani pointing out what a total ZERO Barak Obama is at the convention and doesn't want to lower the tone of the campaign by mentioning that Barak took a hundred and twenty five G's from the crooks who were looting the mortgage system. I'm so sick of losing these fights because of the silence of the people who are supposed to be on our side. Is this lie going to fly without anyone but the usual ineffective voices on the right taking notice? Does Scooter Libby get grilled for years and convicted in a kangaroo court of absolutely nothing while these criminals get to walk away unquestioned with tens of millions of dollars that they stole while they were wrecking the financial system that all of us have to live with? After the fuss that got made about Enron why are these guys getting so cleanly away? I am a hate-filled angry partisan when I see injustice like this. The Dems get away with murder and the Republicans get convicted of phony crimes. Bush and Cheney might even deserve the prison time the Dems are planning to give them for winning the war in Iraq against the Dems' terrorist friends because they let the Dems run amok on so many of these issues without making a squeak. When Barney Frank blocked the oversight of Fannie and Freddie why didn't Bush organize the Republicans, who had the majority at that time, to stand up and fight? Maybe he thought that making that giant bag of excess weight that was called Denny Hastert stand up and do anything was impossible, so why bother?
But that shouldn't stand in McCain's way. He's running against the second largest recipient of Fan-Fred political bribes and we haven't heard a dickey-bird from his tight dry lips. I thought he was a fighter but now he's turned into a limp, squishy piece of overcooked Inside-The -Beltway Pasta. Its sickening.

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