Thursday, September 18, 2008

California In Play?

I'm seeing McCain commercials on my television set. Sometimes I watch the Univision news and I haven't seen either of the Obama or McCain ads; but I just surf in to catch Latin American news. Univision and Telemundo are totally left wing which leads people to the conclusion that the Latino community is left wing in the same way that the black community is. That is a big mistake. First of all, people from Nicaragua are really different than people from Zacetecas. The Latino community is incredibly diverse and a lot of them have strong conservative traditions. The 'community organizers' have been electing left wing hotheads to the California legislature by using the traditionally tiny voter turnouts to leverage the power of the activists. Toss in a few thousand phony ballots and you're in like Flynn.
That is beginning to change. The second generation is completely assimilated. America is their home. They apply their cultural backgrounds to the current politics and choose sides. Bush won 40% of their votes. As us Right-Wing zealots will have to recognize, this is an ethnic group that does not have an axe to grind with McCain. He went to bat for them and risked his entire career doing so. That and the military record in a group of people who contain a large number of veterans make McCain acceptable. He's still a wrinkly white-haired old gavacho like those red-faced droolers who yell at them to go back to where they came from, thats working against him, but Latino voters don't get angry looking at McCain.
On the other hand...wasn't that a 'community activist' that went to the school and got the black kids who beat their son up off the hook? Latinos and black people have a lot of bad blood. As the Latinos have become majorities in places like Watts and Compton they have not had an easy time. Its going to be very hard for many Latinos to vote for a black 'community organizer'.
Meanwhile, back in Whitey World, in addition to national news that would seem to indicate that 45% unemployment and 450% inflation are just a matter of months away we're also faced with the specter that the State Of California, whose budget has increased 50% in the last three years, is going to go belly-up this year or next year at the latest. Now most people aren't aware that there is a state government, but lets just call the mood quietly ugly. People are scared and its making them mean. Do mean people like to be told they're not doing their fair share? Do mean people want to be told that we can't drill for oil because some penguins might get a sunburn? Do mean people like to be called closet racists by some 'community organizer' who now does his organizing at a $28,000 a plate shindig at Bab's house in Malibu. If you don't need another reason to vote for McCain then just the thought that if Obama wins Babs will have slept with two presidents should make you reconsider; do you want to live in a country like that?
So back to the mean Whiteys, the ones who are angry at last year's immigration bill. Now they've got a choice between the guy who wrote it and the guy who thinks it didn't go far enough. Think McCain doesn't have the edge? Think again. You think a young sassy black guy mocking old John McCain for not being able to use a computer with hands and arms that were broken beyond repair while he was serving his country is well received? I don't think so. I think Obama has started to become the symbol of the arrogant rich people who want to make it impossible for people to have a mini-van and live in a satellite suburb. The whole political correctness thing was underlined by how they treated Sarah Palin. She wasn't allowed a shred of dignity or privacy. Her politically incorrect views were described in snotty, ironic terms as completely unacceptable. It came to a shock to some people that a seventeen-year-old could be set upon so savagely. Fortunately the baby wasn't aware that the New York Times was raising questions about his parentage. That was shocking to most people and doubly so when Obama snidely insinuated that Sarah Palin was a pig. Defining himself as a cad of the first water.
So the media party continues. The polls seem to suggest that this is even or close but I've talked to too many people who vote Democrat by default and none of them are going to vote for Obama. My youngest daughter, who disagrees with everything Palin and social conservatives stand for is very concerned by Obama's socialist economic policies and is undecided and if a twenty-three-year-old Political Science graduate of UC Irvine is undecided then that means that Obama is in serious trouble in California.

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