Thursday, September 25, 2008

Tricked Again!

When are these befuddled senior citizens going to stop thrashing young black males whenever they feel like it? Just look at what happened to poor Barry Obama, an innocent community organizer from Chicago. One day he was sitting in his house, minding his own business, STUDYING! Yes, that's right, he was improving his mind, something that all of us might imitate. Obama was preparing for a debate with that feeble old duffer that the Dems think they foisted onto the know, Bob Dole Two, 1996 II.

All of a sudden McCain was threatening to pull out of the foreign policy debate that had so absorbed Barry's attention, suspended his campaign and flown to Washington to join in the scrimmage to bail out the Democrat-caused mortgage mess. The Dems had been dragging their feet, making demands that would have effectively prolonged the crisis and led to de facto nationalization of the financial sector. This was tricky for them because so many of their cronies were running Fannie and Freddie and all the rules that had let them run amok were proposed by Democrats. All the opposition to attempts to control the financial insanity were opposed by the same Democrats who were milking huge contributions from from the crooks, mostly former Clinton Administration bigwigs, who have walked away with tens of millions from the collapsing agencies.

The specter of McCain on the floor of the Senate loudly and publicly doing something about a current problem caused the Dems in Congress to panic and basically give supposed 'lame-duck' Bush everything he wants, yet again. This guy that Harry Reid has called a borderline retard has outwitted him at every turn. The only problem still remaining are conservative Republicans who are appalled at the cost and philosophy of this giant bailout of another Act Of Compassion gone wrong. None of the policies that caused this will be changed. The Community Reinvestment Act will not be repealed. Neither will Sarbanes-Oxley and its idiotic accounting rules.

So McCain gets his mug on the tube grabbing the problem by the horns while O'Blunder announces that they can phone him if they need him. Who needs him anyway? He never attended the Senate much anyhow and was a certain vote for whatever Harry and the Boys were cooking up, when he bothered to vote at all. McCain has caught this amateur flat-footed yet again. He didn't sit there waiting for the loudmouth Dems to pin this crisis on him; he acted and made Barry look like a fool.

I hope the debate goes ahead as planned. Barry's studies were not just about what he doesn't know; they were about him not spilling the beans about the stuff he does know. Anyone who listened the the Dem debates during the primaries knows that Obama is a walking Huffpo cliche thinly spread over a core of total ignorance. Now his three-day intensive cram course on middle-of-the-road lies in an attempt to fool the mouth-breathing droolers into thinking that he wont lead the country off a cliff in his first six weeks of governance has been totally disrupted by McCain's stunt. The normally gaffe-prone radical, who has been flubbing his 'moderate' script every time he gets in an unscripted interview is now exposed to the tricky old geezer without the proper brainwashing.

I can't wait.

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