Tuesday, September 9, 2008


'You Can Put Lipstick on a Pig, But It's Still a Pig!'

It would be hard to imagine a more politically inappropriate and downright stupid remark for a male candidate who just defeated a female candidate for the nomination and is pitted against a compelling woman on the other party's ticket to make.
But our National Community Organizer has basically called middle class women who identify with Sarah Palin a bunch of pigs! The swing-over-to-the-trough voters. Its not sexism, its snobbery. These libs find Sarah Palin appalling! Imagine, a moose-shooting snowmobiler married to an Eskimo oil-rig roughneck who's had five kids, one of them already knocked up! PWTs, if you know what I mean. Those are the kind of people you see wandering around Washington DC pointing their digital cameras at the Lincoln Memorial, not officeholders, for God's Sake! The best thing you can say about Actual Americans is that they go home after a short time and don't have the impertinence to eat in Washington's better bistros. The thought of Dick Cheney in his little duck-hunting outfit out in the marshes ambushing ducks with his bird-shotgun is bad enough but still suitably aristocratic; the photos of Palin show her in full cammo aiming an assault weapon into the distance. It would be better to have a spread of naked pictures taken by some former boyfriend in Playboy than that assault-gun photo in the minds of your average liberals. Think of the poor mooses as the snowmobile approaches and as the little red dot from the laser-scope finds its mark...hard to imagine Dianne Feinstein or Hillary Clinton on the other end, isn't it?
Thats why they're not pigs! The color of their lipstick is not 'Mooseblood' but 'Code Pinko'.
This is the day after Obama with George Stephanopolis, in a relationship that was legitimized by the Laurence Vs Texas decision by the SCOTUS in 2003, referred to 'my Muslim religion...'
Are these guys aware that U-Tube exists and that these remarks will be seen by tens of millions without having to be filtered and 'explained' by the proper media geniuses? They also don't seem to be aware that people only see the soundbyte, 'My Muslim faith...' 'Lipstick on a pig...'
and dont give a rat's hiney about the context.
If things weren't bad enough somewhere in an undisclosed location 'Plugs' Biden has further refined the porker qualities of those lipsticked trailer broads by positing the interesting idea that if you don't support government-funded embryonic stem cell research you can't possibly be said to have any regard for children with disabilities. And that goes double for you devout Catholics. Its not religion that has humanity and compassion; everybody who's anybody knows what a crock Christianity is, its the federal government from which the manna flows!
And these remarks are just in a two-day period. Are these guys for real? If this keeps up they're going to have trouble winning in Illinois, California, Massachusetts and New York. They're already screwed in places like Minnesota and even New Jersey with this crap. How can they be so stupid?
Meanwhile, they're running against a disciplined team with a well-worked-out game plan but with enough flexibility to improvise and exploit any openings that appear. They introduced Palin and then stood back, got out of the limelight and let these idiots say things like the quote that headlines this piece. McCain is a counter-puncher, he lets Obama swing and then gets in close and nails him. All this fear and rage by the libs is misdirected against Palin, they're still completely underestimating McCain to the point where you have to wonder if Obama & Co. have taken the time to sit back and assess the nature of their opponent. They're still spewing the same lines that they were using six months ago. McCain has radically changed his tactics and they haven't budged, except to panic and get nasty. Bad for a messiah and The Party That Cares. Everybody is always calling the libs Marxists but if I was their Dialectical Materialism teacher I would flunk these idiots for not understanding the political relationship of the classes in present-day America. They're not even competent Marxists!
Now a host of Obama media workers, AKA reporters from the 'objective' media, are crawling all over Alaska thinking they can annoy and bullyrag the inhabitants all they like while they dig up dirt on a very popular figure in the state. Lets hope that the gentle inhabitants of Wassilla treat these media folk the way that any snobbish condescending elitist overdressed overpaid hostile rude outsider is always treated when they walk around shooting their overeducated know-it-all mouths off in a tavern filled with tough drunk working people who fled the lower forty-eight because they couldn't stand how their country was being destroyed by a bunch of power-mad wankers. My advice to the media is to make sure your health insurance is paid up and if a little red dot appears anywhere on your body DUCK!

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