Sunday, September 28, 2008

Black Monday

Wahovia trembles. Overseas banks collapse. Economic panic and chaos in Russia. Hyper inflation and disruption in India. Even China starts to be dragged down by the current global attack of financial insanity. The US Congress at first stepped up to the plate and added enough provisions to the Paulsen Plan to convert our economy to a socialist state like Zimbabwe at a cost that would either mandate outright confiscation of all income or a complete devaluation of the currency. Or both.

Why are people dumb enough to vote for Democrats? It used to be that the Mainstream Media controlled the flow of information and only geniuses like Reagan, who had the knack of talking past them; hardened obfuscators like Eisenhower who had the knack of cloaking his real intentions in several layers of seemingly incoherent nonsense and out-and-out tricksters like Tricky Dick could get through the liberal blather and get themselves elected and make a difference in the direction that things were going in. But now you can go on the internet or listen to talk radio. There are a dozen great magazines you could subscribe to. Anyone who still believes that this problem was caused by a lack of government intervention in the markets is a thick-headed, ignorant retard.

Unfortunately it seems that thick-headed, ignorant retards seem to abound in the halls of Congress and under the harsh fluorescent lights of America's newsrooms. Even so this is a political time-bomb under the feet of the GUILTY Democrats. That was the party that campaigned on 'Culture Of Corruption' two years ago; roping in enough borderline retards, granola-eaters, welfare chiselers, illegal aliens, felons, self-serving employees of the massive and growing cancer of government and absentee ballots from pets and mental patients to build a coalition of greedy parasites, utopians and mendacious power-trippers numerous enough to allow the Democrats gain control of the Congress from the feeble Bush-destroyed former conservative party.

The Dems fingerprints are all over this mess. The plan that the toothless Bush was ready to sign was a recipe for Depression; worse even than doing nothing. You can recover from a crash; overregulation and high taxes are terminal. But the Dems, aware of how culpable they are, refused to pass this mess into law without Bi-Partisan Unity. That means they want Republicans to blame if this doesn't work; its already universally described in the media as 'the Bush Bailout Plan'.

That's when the Hero, John Boehner, stepped up and halted the entire process. At the fatal meeting in the Cabinet Room Thursday, where BH Obama and his aggression, spawned by his total and complete ignorance of what was going on, caused a food fight which alarmed even the comatose Bush and during which the Wrinkly Old White Dude sat silent, Boehner dug in his heels and refused to turn America's mortgage markets over to the tender mercies of ACORN. Under that bill a crowd of slimy attorneys and cockroach-like 'community organizers' would gain control of your mortgage and apply the 'Law Of Fairness' to the horrible injustice that lets some people live in nice houses while others live in slums. Yuppies who figured on retiring on the equity of their house would have found themselves living in the hybrid mini-van one step ahead of the repo man while their 4000 square foot McMansion is torn apart and destroyed by a riotous crowd of 'the deserving poor'.

There would be a kind of justice in that as mini-van driving Yuppies are the thick-headed, ignorant retards who generally vote for democrats in the fervent hope that they'll fix the weather. The Dems cant fix the weather, which is showing suspicious signs of not being broken in the first place, and they can't fix this financial crisis either.

Even stripped of the errant idiocy proposed by the Democrats the Paulsen Plan might not work. The damage is too widespread. This is the kind of thing that just gathers momentum. All the decades of patches and ad hoc solutions are coming back to bite us. The giant, empty, real estate bubble is bursting and is ready to take everything down with it. The days of a funky three-bedroom house in a suburban neighborhood in Los Angeles selling for $800,000 are over. Jim Cramer says the market is headed for 8300. That will certainly change a few life-styles!

The Dems hope they can hang this whole deal on McCain and Bush. Bush is in a cocoon, he matters less and less. McCain is a different story. He has only one way out of this, politically. He has to tell the truth about the Democrats. That's something he manifestly did not do during the debate. Thats something he hasn't ever done but he better make up his mind to be a Republican or lose the election. somebady is going to get nailed for this; shouldn't it be the people who were actually responsible-- Clinton, Frank, Dodd and the rest of the Socialist low-lifes who engineered this disaster in the name of compassion.

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