Friday, September 26, 2008

Bankroom brawl!

As the country teeters on a cliff McCain undrops out of the Great Debate! This is not your average election, that's for sure! The stakes of that debate have now been raised to the absolute maximum. McCain is the most consummate gambler that we have seen in politics since Nixon. He is a risk-taker who takes the war to the enemy. By flying to Washington to put the kybosh on another Bush surrender to the Democrats he not only stopped a destructive and outrageous Democrat money-grab but he made Obama look like a lightweight fool. The Dems are now lying and screaming at McCain for acting like the leader of the Republican Party. That's a bold new concept; a leader of the Republican Party who objects to proposals by the Democrats! The age of spinelessness that began with Bush 41 two decades ago and continued through the Senate majority leaders Dole and Frist, that giant blob of Pork Fat Dummy Hastert and the despicable 'bipartisan' squishiness of Bush 43 is now over. McCain wants to fight! The thought that an outraged Barney Frank would be screaming and losing it and that Chris Dodd would be so bent out of shape when they had had $700 bil, the Mother Of All Earmarks, so nearly in their pockets.

The fact of the matter is that, plainly, most Americans are against handing $700 billion over to the banks who made these bad loans. These Inside The Beltway politicos and the bureaucrats and bankers that are the intended beneficiaries of this bailout all live in the same cultural milieu; the rude objections of the proletariat are foreign and dissonant to them. The Democrats had even been kind enough to consider the housing needs of the poor; included in the bailout is a massive subsidy to ACORN, the Marxist radical group currently being investigated in fifteen states on charges of voter fraud. The Dems could be said to be buying fake absentee ballots from a gang of criminals.

Barney Frank and Chris Dodd must be biting their nails. Rush Limbaugh screaming their records of guilt and corruption at the top of his lungs every day has to be terrifying to them.
The Dems are in a pickle. They are pushing a bailout plan which is becoming increasingly unpopular. The only people who will talk about the details are the people who are against it. The people who are for it have to keep vague and stay in platitude-land because the details are horrible and unpopular with the electorate. With the financial sector on the edge of panic and the country not far behind them its certain that something will emerge but the Dem's dream package that they almost got the hapless Bush to front for is dead as a doornail unless they pass it using their majorities, making it a 'Democrat' bill. Thank you John Boehner, thank you John McCain.

So now, in this fevered atmosphere, McCain has said that he'll turn up at the debate. Talk about raising the temperature and the ratings! Obama's training session has been blown to smithereens and now the kid has to do some improv up on the stage with The Kindly Old Duffer. And on foreign policy too! That's great! As a Citizen Of The World I love Foreign Policy! I wonder how much Barak Obama knows about Foreign Policy? Now he's walking onto the stage unrehearsed and off balance, without his teleprompter. Obama has to be rattled. McCain has now landed blows against him that even the Clintons never came up with. In fact the Clintons seem to be mighty friendly with McCain these days. Payback. BJ says that he's going to campaign for Obama after the Jewish Holidays. A lot of people assume that he's talking about Yom Kippur in October. This is BILL CLINTON you idiots! He's talking about Hanukkah!

Now Rush Limbaugh is recounting yesterday's meeting at the White House. Apparently ole Barry was the one that caused absolute chaos. The Democrats deferred to him as the leader of the party and he blew it! His ignorance of the details and aggression against the Republicans turned the meeting into a disaster. There was a total breakdown. McCain had little to do with it, beyond luring the foolish Obama out of his depth. The Dems are going ballistic, accusing McCain of interfering with the process, trying to cover for the incompetence of their candidate. They don't have the guts to defend their bill, or even to pass it over the heads of the Republicans using their majorities in both houses. They must be biting their nails about the debate tonight with that callow youth about to climb, unbriefed and badly shaken, into the ring with the guy who put him into the center of this maelstrom to make a complete fool of himself.

I think that McCain forcing Obama to attend that meeting at the White House was a stroke of political genius. McCain always leads, Obama follows. McCain has been ahead of Barry at every turn. Look for a kidney punch at this debate. Obama is not ready for Prime Time.

I can't wait!

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