Sunday, September 14, 2008

The Messiah Fades

They're blind. The libs just can't see it. They think its Palin but they are so wrong! Their decline started in Berlin, continued through their convention and then ran into the Palin shoals. Before he O-bombed in Berlin Barak The Wonderful spent a couple of months not getting why Hillary Clinton did so well after he had clinched the nomination. It wasn't some big surge of feminism or Hillary's not-so-blinding oratory that gave her forty-point victories in places like Kentucky and West Virginia; it was Rush Limbaugh and Sean Hannity playing The Lovely Reverend Wright every day on the radio. It was the mainstream news media obviously in the tank for Obama and not letting any of the many unanswered questions about the 'community organizer's' past be addressed. When people think community organizer they dont think Abraham Lincoln and they dont think Jesus, they think Al Sharpton. The mainstream press doesn't have anything against Al Sharpton but the mainstream voters hate Al Sharpton. The Obamanoids have not been called upon to distance himself from a radical black community that Obama was certainly a part of and now won't talk about. The biggest damage Palin has done to Obama is by going through an embarrassing and offensive level of scrutiny about everything she's ever done in her life, let alone her political career. The press has accused her of lying about being the mother of one of her kids, banning books in public libraries, firing state employees for private reasons and talking in tongues at primitive religious services. Meanwhile, we dont know anything about what Barak Obama has ever done. They don't talk about Columbia or Harvard, the 'community organizer' phase is just likened to Abraham Lincoln and Jesus and left at that, his record during his time in the Illinois State Senate seems to have disappeared except for his 175 'present' votes and one enthusiastic 'Yes' vote to teach Kindergarten kids that homosexuality is OK. Barak's record in the US Senate is similarly missing in action. And well it should be. In the ongoing national disaster generated by congressional bungling and corruption in regards to the quasi-governmental Freddie Mac and Fannie Mae the four biggest recipients of cash from the crooks who ran those two floundering institutions were Chris Dodd, Joe Biden, Hillary Clinton and Barak Obama. What do these four names have in common? Two things. One; they were all candidates for president; two, they are all leaders of The Party That Cares, three; the press has refused to cover their involvement in a scandal that has the potential to cost trillions and bring the entire financial system crashing down. Thats not news. Sarah Palin being a high school cheerleader--Thats News!
So now, after the nauseating Charles Gibson's condescending try to belittle Gov. Palin on national TV, the Obamanoids have dialed down the attacks on Palin but have launched an add saying that McCain is out of touch because he cant use a computer. McCain can't type at all because his arms were broken-- once because he refused to shake Jane Fonda's hand when she was in North Vietnam helping her communist friends to enslave that unhappy nation.
They can attack McCain all they like but on September 11 Rush Limbaugh led off the commemoration by playing the sermon that Rev Wright gave where he screamed, "God Damn AmeriKKKa!" and explained that the attacks were "AmeriKKKa's chickensssssss coming home to roosssssssssst!" The specter of Wright and 'community organizers' like Sharpton and Jackson hangs over Obama's campaign. The threat of the Democrats laying huge tax increases onto a weak economy hangs over Obama's campaign. The public wants aggressive steps taken to find and produce energy, and especially petroleum, and Obama and the Democratic Congress' refusal to consider lifting the drilling ban is a giant sword of Damocles hanging over Barak and the entire party. If gasoline prices go up as a result of Hurricane Ike this issue will explode again in the faces of the eco-left. Obama's inability to address these three issues are making him increasingly unelectable. The polls have swung slightly in favor of the Repubs but there is reason to suspect that the polls are not showing a correct picture of what's going on. The Dems are not acting like this is a two or three point race. I think their numbers are showing states like Florida, Missouri, Indiana, Virginia and even Ohio slipping out of their grasp. I think the inside-the-campaign polls are showing states like Michigan, Pennsylvania, Minnesota, Iowa, Oregon (!) and New Jersey (!!) increasingly threatened by McCain. The last poll taken in California was before the two conventions and even then showed slippage for Obama. I think that if Obama was doing well here there would be a poll every two days on the front page of the LA Times. The reason that there isn't is the total lack of enthusiasm by Latinos for a black 'community organizer' in the mode of Jesse Jackson. Latinos are moving into the formerly all-black neighborhoods of Watts and Compton and have not been treated well by their black neighbors. I think Obama is becoming beatable in California. If he has to start worrying about California then it is all over. But what reason has Obama given Latinos, or for that matter anybody, in California or anywhere else to vote for him? None.

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