Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Category FIVE!

If John McCain doesn't win this election he's got a job waiting for him as the head of any television network in the country. A swarm of hurricanes are headed for our coasts. wars are breaking out all over the world. The Liberals Who Dare Not Speak Their Names just finished a convention in Denver that was startling in its dullness and gloom. Fred Thompson and Joe Lieberman gave great (in the case of Thompson) and interesting (in the case of Lieberman) speeches on the first/second night of the Republican Convention. Who cares?
Sarah Palin has emerged at the behest of John McCain and the libs have gone completely bananas! The wave of insane attacks has surpassed anything I personally expected to see, and I was ready for a storm of attacks. The Left has gone completely out of its collective mind. Some people are likening this to the sneaky and covert Obama smear campaign that was directed at our First Black President and The Uppity Former First Lady tagging them as racists. BJ and Brunhilda were enraged and hurt by those charges that leaked fervently from the Opposition Research team at Camp Obama and appeared in the eager Mainstream Press daily. Maybe some of the stuff in this incredible sexist assault might have been based on a few kernels of crap that the Obamanoids might have been pushing but the frenzy of hate-filled panic has not been engineered by any campaign or with any devious intention.
The libs saw that picture of Palin pointing the assault rifle, heard about her FIVE carbon-emitting children (one of them adding to the Population Crisis herself. How disgusting!), learned of her athletic past, learned that she intentionally goes out and shoots Gaia's friendly animal citizens, and heard that she loudly and vocally is religious and anti-abortion. The libs just put their heads down and CHARGED! They didn't need talking points faxed over from the Obama campaign or snidey clues leaked through sympathetic bloggers. The libs don't need any instructions from anybody to hate Sarah Palin; she's like everything they hate rolled into one.
Which brings us to John McCain. I am going to stop referring to him as McLame from this day until the end of the election. I know how much grief he has given us conservatives in the past but the other day he swung and landed a blow against the libs that has unleashed the political debate that we have wanted to have with these dopes for years! Eight years of Bush comity are GONE! Hallelujah! This is now a Fight To The Death! There has never been such a stark and blatant attack on the liberals. They are shocked to their souls and responding to McCain's provocation in a very undisciplined and unseemly way. A way that defines them as the totalitarian creeps that they are. It is stark and clear for all to see. Recently Us Magazine ran a misty cover photo of Barak and Michelle, So much in love! This week Us Magazine is sporting a cover photo of Sarah Palin holding her recently-born youngest child with the headings emblazoned in huge type 'Babies, Lies and Scandal!' From Maureen Dowd to Chris Matthews the libs have flipped out completely; attacking her pregnant 17-year-old daughter, sneering at her mayorship as not being real experience (she never organized a single community) and just being generally enraged...the most vicious personal attacks I've ever seen. Underneath is a seething sexism that is going to spill over into the suburbs of this country. Women who don't have degrees from major universities are just a bunch of loud-mouthed trailer sluts, not fit for decent company, certainly never qualified for any kind of public office is the story-line implicit in the attacks on Palin. So why don't you PWT broads just shut up and let well-educated experts us 'help' you run your unfashionable little lives.
McCain's decision to declare Jihad on the libs has united and energized the party in a way that was unthinkable four days ago! That's seizing the initiative in my book. I'm happy to be a foot soldier in this revolution! This guy likes to FIGHT! After decades of sniveling Republican meekness in the face of these thugs and bullies I'm happy to follow somebody who likes to fight. He's already caught Obama flat-footed several times and my vision of a pathetic old Dole '96 rerun is out the window.
Can the Dems rise to this challenge? Obama didn't do very well after his initial couple of months of victories. When the Clints came back fighting he didn't change his strategy or tactics one single bit. He took the punches and won on points. Instead of moving to crush the impudent Clintons once he had it locked Obama froze and just went with the flow of events. That worked against the mortally wounded and inherently unpopular Clinton Crime Family. Its obviously the wrong stance to take against somebody who's coming at you swinging hard.
And the guy's a gambler. The entire election could hang on tonight's speech by a person McCain doesn't know very well. That's the kind of risk that most people in government can't even conceive of taking. He's the kind of a guy that I want leading my country when we have a crisis with Vladimir Putin or Ahmadinajahd. Or would you prefer the Obama/Pelosi approach? So I have completely turned around, and in that I'm not alone. The entire party is mad with delight!
The Great Battle has finally arrived. Showmaster McCain has ensured that every eyeball in America will be glued to the tube. His numbers are going to blow the Olympics and the Obamathon into the trash can of history! Is this the Kamakaze End of the Republican Party or the Democratic Party? This will not be a close election. One side is going to win. My side.

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