Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Number Twosies!

It was 1929. The market had crashed. But then, like a miracle, hope was rekindled in the hearts of a terrified nation when President Franklin Roosevelt went on TV, wait a minute! Is this History or just the latest Biden gaffe? He seems to make at least one a day. One of my favorites, and one which ensures that I will always have a warm spot in my heart for Joe, was his statement that the Obama ad that mocked McCain for being unable to use a computer with the hands that were broken and smashed while he was being tortured by the North Vietnamese friends of Bill Ayres and Bernadine Dohrn was 'horrible'. The usual backing and filling occurred to try to redefine the remark as Biden being upset at McCain's vicious attacks.

And the attacks have been extraordinarily vicious. McCain has gone so far that he is actually bringing up votes from Obama's incredibly thin record! During the entire campaign against Kerry the hapless W never stooped low enough to bring up Kerry's record in the Senate but now McCain has gone completely insane and has sunk to the depths where he is harping on things that Obama has actually done! What kind of crazed, unethical Kamikaze behavior is this? Does he think Obama was the Governor Of Alaska or something which requires a higher level of scrutiny?

Now there has been a dramatic shift in the polls. You see, Obama's record is not relevant but POLLS, now thats the hard-hitting factual basis on which we can base our choice. And the polls have shifted in response to the McCain-Palin surge. The pollsters reweighted their sampling demographics and have produced a much tighter race. They've also produced a totally non-scientific poll where they have determined that most Americans are racists. What makes you a racist? Answering 'Yes' to a question asking whether you associate blacks with violence. Maybe the people who answered 'yes' to this question had just listened to some of the speculation that is common amongst the Rev Wright types in the Black Community who are predicting bloody riots if Obama doesn't win.

Meanwhile, back on the campaign trail Biden makes a stop at a coal-mining town and touts his love for the hard-laboring coal miners. Too bad that he was on tape from two days ago advocating 'no coal plants in America' but saying that we needed to introduce clean coal into China! So China gets electricity and we don't. When the lights start to go out, because the alternative energy the libs are so found of is uber-expensive and basically unworkable, the government will declare a crisis, appropriate a trillion dollars as a 'bailout' and use that as a blind to seize the electricity industry and turn it over to the Federal Government. One by one the crisis are brought on by idiotic government policies and in the name of averting disaster the government steps in and effectively nationalizes another sector of the economy.

We have now reached the tipping point. The Dems demand that the Fannie-Freddie bailout include the effective nationalization of the financial sector or its no deal. The answer should be the President going on TV and in a national speech BLAME THE DEMOCRATS for the disaster and for the inability to pass a bailout bill. Of course, after eight years of ignoring Democrat lies and power-grabs the feeble Bushy is not capable of any such truth-telling. They say that Bush is preparing an address on the financial crisis but I doubt he's going to throw down the gauntlet. He certainly was completely silent when Pig-losi and Co. passed a drilling ban in congress. This was an issue that could have been loudly pushed to the detriment of the Dems' hopes of holding the house. But that would have been so ...partisan. We're not ...partisan.

Meanwhile back on the campaign trail Obama and Biden are stumbling along making gaffe after gaffe and losing steam. The demographics in the polls can only be tweaked so much and there is a debate coming up between the tongue-tied Obama and a mean old man who has sandbagged better men than Barry in a series of debates. Cast your mind back to the debates between the Republicans, which were pretty sharp and issue-driven and those of the Democrats which were only bidding matches about how much money they were going to hand to various interest groups. HRC was hardly likely to accuse Barry of being a corrupt leftist tied to wacko radicals, just as he was not going to bring up her Chinese contributors. I think we can count on that snarky ol' critter McCain to abandon the Marquis Of Queensbury rules and lure the lightweight amateur Obama onto the ropes.

I cant wait for Biden's post-debate commentary.

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