Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Barak 'Slappy' Obama

It turns out that a Community Organizer is just like Jesus and Abraham Lincoln! I'll bet Al Sharpton liked that when a half-dozen Obama surrogates simultaneously came up with that definition. But hey, The Hon. Elijah Cummings has said that even to question the sanctity of the calling of Community Organization is to be a racist. Gee, I don't want to have racist feelings towards Jesus and Abraham Lincoln, do I? I could end up in eternal hellfire without the benefit of habeus corpus! I'm perfectly willing to give the last full measure of acceptance to the explanation that for five years Barak Obama spent his time walking on Lake Michigan and composing a redux of the Gettysburg Address. Are these guys kidding? We all think of Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton when we hear 'community organizer' and Obama might have stopped going to Rev Wright's whacko racist marxist lunatic asylum when the heat got turned up but he doesn't want to talk about the twenty years he hung out with his surrogate father. Do those Dems think people have stopped thinking about that just because Obama's too slippery to get pinned down by his accommodating friends in the mainstream media? Well they haven't, and he hasn't done very well since that stuff came out.
Luckily for Obama, he was running against Hillary Clinton. Even so-called conservative commentators arent very clear on how he managed to beat her. The fact is is that the Democrats were totally sick of her and her egotistical husband and didn't want to spend their entire political careers being pushed around by those arrogant sociopaths. If you look back at the stage of one of last year's pathetic and embarrassing Democratic 'debates' there was no alternative to Obama. Dodd, up to his glutious maximus in Freddie Mac and Fannie Mae kickbacks? The goofy and unloved Biden? A rotund midget Governor who has the speaking style of Kurt Waldheim? Obama was cute, he sang a good song and the media fluffed over his complete lack of accomplishment and his cretinous answers at the debates.
But he's not running against the Clintons now and he's done nothing but make mistakes since he got the nomination. Big ones and little ones.
The first big mistake was the World Tour. It outlined his duplicitous sucking up to the Jews and the Jew-hating far left at the same time as his visit to Israel caught him flack from the lefties and defections from many Jews. Then he leaves the Middle East and goes to Germany and lays a great big egg. The speech sucked and contained a few phrases, 'citizen of the world' and suchlike, that McCain was happy to pin around his ears in some very effective commercials.
Then there was a dramatic upsurge in energy prices. Obama joined all true Democrats in his welcoming attitude towards high pump prices. No Drilling! No, No, No!
Inflate your tires and get a tune up. And eat cake, Dahling, its Mahvelous!
Again the libs think that their promise of these mythical vehicles which run on Greenhouse Friendly pixie dust within the next decade or two is going to mollify the people who don't understand why the stupid yutzes who wrecked the school system now want to hijack their beloved automobiles.
Then there was the Temple Of Doom in a football field. What a flop. Everybody's a victim, gloom, gloom, gloom. They tried to dump the Son Of Martin Luther King schtick and tried to do a remake of 'Leave It To Leninist Beaver'. Nothing in the way of policy at all. Nothing. How appropriate for a guy who snoozed his way through the Illinois State Senate and did absolutely nothing in his brief stint in the US Senate to not propose a single concrete program.
So he walks out of the arena and gets slammed in the face by Sarah Palin. First the Obamamedia cranks up the slime leading up to her speech, ensuring her and Giuliani a giant audeince and they both go straight for Obama's jugular. And it wasn't hard. Who is this lanky drink of water anyway? What's he ever done that qualifies him even to be an Illinois senator let alone president?
Since Palin has emerged and did her speech McCain has kept her out of the way of the press, which has ensured hysterical coverage in a build-up to going on the Sunday chat shows. BHO has gotten involved in the 'lipstick' kerfuffle, a disaster of his own making. If you want to get any woman to hate you calling her or another woman a pig and then smarmily explaining that you were 'just kidding' or 'taken out of context' is the way to do it. Then that half-wit Biden and two or three of Obama's sock-puppets came out with some more 'lipstick' lines and soon the words 'lipstick on a pig' were bouncing around the media. No matter how its discussed or how sympathetic the treatment just the story itself is a disaster for BHO.
Maybe Obama will pull himself together and present people with a program that they can believe and support. Maybe he'll pull his campaign organization together and impose some discipline. maybe he'll formulate a coherent strategy other than massive black turnout pumped up with fraudulent ballots and a few hearty MoveOn types. We're going to have a 130% turnout in black precincts this year. That is not a winning strategy as was shown after the Wright business broke and even the ghastly Hillary started wiping the floor with him. So Obama better pull himself together and stop walking into McCain's sucker punches or they'll be taking him out of the ring on a stretcher with the unlikely McCain winning forty states.


Jack Reylan said...

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from vacuous degrees in commie knittie organizing and basket weaving. We
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may then need to work instead of diverting tution to freezeniks!

skep41 said...

Jack- Ditto!