Saturday, March 8, 2008

Welcome Home Schoolers!

Once again fearless Democrat-appointed judges have struck a blow for America's children! the California Appeals Court has ruled that the reactionary practice of removing one's child from the nurturing arms of the Collective (our Federal School System) and steeping them in the toxic waste of Bourgeois Individualism, Thoughtcrime and in many cases Religious Superstition is illegal and a form of Child Abuse that can be remedied by removing the poor suffering victims from the talons of their reactionary, homophobic 'families'. Once again our legal minds have outpaced the cowardly 'democratically elected' legislators and stood up for the Educational Establishment that is leading us from the nationalistic concept of a 'great' nation to a more responsible role as a member of The Human Family!

Dont worry kids! You're going to be welcomed with open arms by your new pals! All that fascist propaganda about children being 'picked on' is nonsense. Yes a few dangerous Christian Propagandists are criticized when they try to proselytize (nothing brings a lunch party down faster than some loner in 'silent prayer') but the responses employ the courteous methods learned in Conflict Resolution Class.

After the brutal practices of the patriarchal, non-union, 'family' education, where self-esteem is destroyed by the Medieval concept of considering some answers 'correct' while others are deemed 'incorrect' the loving nurture of our well-vetted educational experts will guide your child away from politically incorrect thinking and into the New Age.

One of the most insidious side effects of Home Schooling is the lack of socialization experienced by its victims. Have you ever heard of Home Schoolers cutting school and learning about life in an ad-hoc peer-group collective? Federal Education gives them that chance... unless they're chicken, of course.

Those outmoded homophobic beliefs, illegally taught by the typical reactionary home school parental cabal are hard to weed out of a growing mind, but with time-wasting Math classes discontinued (too stressful for the graduates of Teacher's Colleges and anyway made redundant by the calculator feature of your cell-phone) the much more important Homosexual Acceptance Classes will help your little wallflower come out of his Christian Closet. The latest methods are available because your Federal school System can confiscate the immoral profits stolen by greedy capitalists.

Earth sciences For Life! will replace those boring and stupid 'science' classes we all hated so much. Luckily the Teachers Unions and Educrats are committed to eradicating the old dependence on 'accurate data' and the brutally racist and reactionary 'scientific method' and have concentrated on the important issue of how you feel about the world around you!

And that shy little girl you're so overly protective of? The Federal School System will get her out of that modest outfit and soon your little princess will be out with her friends exploring new career opportunities and having fun!

Thank you California Court Of Appeals! Once again we've been shown that only the unelected officials truly have the interests of The Children at heart. Yes, it will take some work to mold these damaged young minds to take their place in our New Age Of Pleasure but arm in arm with the Teacher's Unions, The Tax Authorities, The Thought Police, and The Courts your Federal School System is working for Change in America!

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