Thursday, March 6, 2008

Stonewall Clinton

Well, she pulled a comeback miracle out of her hat. Miz Hilly is not one to be daunted by long odds. When he was sixteen Barry Obama was reading 'Manchild In The Promised Land' and chasing girls at his posh Hawaiian private school, lots of delicious beach time; when Hilly was sixteen she was a Goldwater Girl, reading about Stonewall Jackson and plotting her next step to world domination. She really turned around and whacked Obama good in Texas and Ohio.
But where does that leave the Dems? She inspires even people like me, who despise and revile the inferior and liberal McLame, to run to the polls to vote for his aging carcass. Her winning the nomination through sheer brute force will be sending a message to black people and young people that the Old White Establishment wants to give them a choice between Old White A and Old White B, that it will be Bush-Clinton-Bush-Clinton for a total of twenty-eight years, or more if Jeb or Chelsea get ambitious. Some new voters have never lived in an America where a Bush or a Clinton hasnt been President. Thats what 'Change' means. Of course the Repubs have responded to this urgent need in the electorate by offering them a candidate who is as fresh as three-day-old roadkill, but this is turning out to be an election where the endless democracy and public input have produced a slate of candidates that nobody likes.
If Obama gets the nomination it will be after he has been worked over by the Clinton Crime Family Character Assassination Squad, the experts in their field. And lets face it, he is a totally empty-headed lightweight with just a wonderful oratorical talent and some sharp organizational skills but little else. I said before that finishing off the Clintons is the ultimate resume item, but it seems that he left them for dead a little too soon.
So its time for the seemingly mild-mannered Obama to drop the harmony crap and move in for the kill. Where's her tax returns? Russert handed that one to him on a silver platter and he let it slip by. They should just play Russert's question, saying that only people with something to hide wont release their tax returns and why wont you release yours? and her non-answer-- that she is 'moving toward' releasing them. She's also 'moving toward' sicking the Rottweilers at the IRS on Russert the day she takes office but thats neither here nor there. Obama should just run that bit of tape. It says everything you need to know. She's not releasing her tax returns because her and her husband have spent the last seven years influence-peddling all over the world, selling future claims on Clinton III to a long list of unsavory criminals and enemies of our country. The Chicom connection needs to be explored. Donations to the Clinton Lie-Berry and Massage Parlor, Bimbo Eruptions to suppress the suburban housewife vote.
If the Dems dont figure out some way to keep Hillary Clinton off the ticket they will risk losing, even to the crippled old duffer she will be pitted against, when their most reliable voting block, Black Americans, stays home this November. She just possibly might be unelectable under any circumstances.


Steve Hulett said...

Dear Skep,

This baby will go to Denver. And both sides will go more negative.

But as to Obama being a "lightweight" ... as compared to who? The Boy Wonder now occupying 1600 PA Ave?

Whatever you think of FDR/Truman, they were able to nail their wartime coonskin to the wall. Had George been Commander in Chief during, say, Normandy, American military contractors would still be bogged down in the hedge rows, spraying the locals with random machine gun fire.

Should be a fun election year.

skep41 said...

Should be? It already has exceeded my wildest dreams on the fun scale!I cant wait for january 21st, 2009 when the 2012 campaign starts.