Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Stupor Delegates!

Only one task remains for the crooks who run the shady presidential campaign of Hillary Clinton: to recruit three hundred 'super' delegates who are "Too dumb to think and will do what they tell them."
Paraphrased from a synopsis of 'Three Dark Horses', a 3 Stooges short about a deadlocked convention in the hands of the 'Superdelegates'

Life does imitate art, doesnt it? It has boiled down to the 'Super Delegates'. Obama will emerge with more delegates and more popular votes even if some kind of a deal is worked out concerning Michigan and Florida, but the power-mad Clintons, who feel they've been robbed of their rightful lot by some upstart empty-suit trading on his ethnicity and his oratorical skills, have signaled that they will stop at NOTHING! to get this nomination, finish off the already pathetic McLame and get to work on Clinton III- The Revenge Years! The press dinners during Clinton III will undoubtedly be grim affairs compared to the festive ones in the Glory Years of Clintons I & II. Tim Russert and Chris Matthews will be too busy to attend; they'll be with the lawyers and accountants they will need to fend off the spurious indictments and incessant tax audits that will be their reward for their Obama enthusiasm.
But how to snatch the nomination? What kind of stories are going to start to emerge about the behind-the-scenes manipulation of the hapless 'Super Delegates'. We better hope that Hillary's meticulously gathered database includes Democrats. Remember the ex-bouncers with the thousands of FBI files? The Dems had a good chuckle when, during impeachment the Clints went nuclear and illegitimate children and skeletons came tumbling out of the closet. That sure was funny, wasnt it? BJ sure showed them what having a 'private life' was all about! Now those leftist bunnies that didnt think perjury was a big deal are looking down the barrel of Elmira Fudd's shotgun. The fall of Crusading Spitzer at the hands of the media piranhas today must send a chill down the spine of every politician, and the super dels are no exception. Politics can be a dirty business and is filled with hard-driving, self-centered people. Expecting them to behave like regular folks is just not realistic, but the public expects just that. So they pretend. And the Clints have got the files.
The question is, what will Obama (you know, the kid whose KINDERGARTEN MANIFESTO popped out of the Opposition Research files) do to counter this. A bigger question, will the wife of the 'First Black President' be able to sandbag an actual black person who won the contest fair and square and not incur the rage of the largest and most loyal voter block in the Democratic Party? We'll probably get a chance to find out.

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