Tuesday, March 4, 2008

The Deathless Candidacy

Just couldnt do it, could ya Sparky?
Gibbon said it best, "History is replete with instances where an active despair has triumphed over an indolent expectation of victory."
The Clintons were able to knock Obama off his game at exactly the right moment. They have the staying power of the Nazgul in Lord Of The Rings. They should have Gollum included in those endless political roundtables on the cable political networks, "No,no, you cannot kill them, Precious!"
I hope Rush knew what he was talking about by encouraging Repubs to cross party lines and vote to keep her candidacy alive. Possibly.She is most assuredly the weaker candidate against McLame because after Obama has whipped up the hopes of blacks and young people, to have them dashed by this white-faced insider is going to threaten her viability in November. But she still is the Undead Candidate with the staying power of a vampire. Obama needs a silver stake to drive through her heart. He needs to attack. He needs to go on the offensive and hurt her badly. Travel Office, Chicom Cash, Bimbo Eruptions. Go low or get crushed dude. The question is on the table, Do you have what it takes? I just watched Obama's speech and he hasnt changed it at all. When Hillary got into a corner she changed tactics and took risks. If Obama doesnt adjust to this and hit her hard he will lose. It would be destructive of the party's chances in November but Obama is going to have to decide whether he wants the nomination badly enough to do anything. She does.

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