Sunday, March 23, 2008

I'm Ashamed Of My Racism

I just was reading my last post and the other I did on The Right Reverend Wright and something struck me. I criticized the wacky distortions of reality that pass for wisdom among the left-wing black political community in a way that implies that the left-wing white community is somehow more rational. That is racism. Its falling into the trap set for us all by the odious and vile Clintons.
Is the idiocy that leaps from the mouth of that mendacious waste of human protoplasm who is the Senior Senator from New York, the oily and egregious Chucky-Schmucky Schumer, any more correct or logical than that which emerges from the bug-eyed rant of a Maxine Waters? It is, in fact, not only less rational but it is much more malicious and knowingly untrue. And the Schumckster is no stranger to racism, as the disgraceful campaign his Democratic Senatorial Committee waged against Michael Steele in Maryland, complete with illegally stolen credit records and tossed Oreo cookies would indicate. The Schmuckster was deep in the Valerie Plame Affair, an attempt to put one of his political opponents (Karl Rove) in jail on a charge he knew from the beginning was false.
The Right Reverend Wright said "God Damn America" but that loathesome, hairy ball of greasy fat John Murtha accused Marines in combat of murder not only before the trial but before the investigation. This flagrantly corrupt left-wing porker represents a district of the type of older, ethnic, rust-belt, welfare-state leeches who are the target demographic of the Clinton Crime Family's anti-negro pogrom. Are Murtha's statements any different than John Conyers' ? One way to tell would be to ask yourself how often Murtha is quoted in Al Jezira, the media outlet for terrorist organizations and looney Islamic conspiracy nuts, compared to Conyers; Murtha lots, Conyers never. Murtha has taken every effort to degrade America's ability to fight the Islamonazis and help them to victory. He does this out of sheer left-wing bile. The fat slob racist union-hall radical swine that vote this so-called liberal into office every two years are exactly the people most angered by The Right Reverend Wright's offensive ravings and the most blind to the results of the radical redistribution of wealth proposed by this Stalinist wart-hog.
Little Dick Durban and his comparison of our troops as worse than members of organizations who murdered innocent people with sledgehammers to save ammunition and his constant attacks on our country, his idiotic schemes to nationalize the economy and his lust for high taxes is no more sane than Cynthia McKinney; they both have exactly the same political agendas.
The Uriah Heep of American politics, the ever-whining and cringing Harry Reid, from a state that I formerly called my home and one which used to be sensible until it was flooded with moronic senior citizens and tax refugees from California who brought with them their left wing political stupidity and voting habits; does he ever say anything worth hearing between trying to kill the Patriot Act and announcing that his pals in Al Qaeda have won the war in Iraq?
Is George Soros, the currency-trading, anti-Western parasite who funds every psychotic radical cause in the country and works every day to suppress free speech and free enterprise, is he any more savory than The Right Reverend Wright?
But there is a tie for the most irresponsible, destructive, dishonest, hateful, racist political figures in America; Bull Clinton and Lil' Miss Hilly. Tearing the Democratic Party to pieces with a racist assault after they've lost the legitimate contest to Barak Obama is just par for the course for America's First Black president and his little Wifey. The stream of lies that they have emitted for the last 16 years outdoes anything, however irrational or crazy, that any political figure, black or white, has ever been capable of in our history. Their flagrant breaking of the law, the phony anecdotes that pop up like magic to lace their tales of the socialist miracle to come under Clinton III, the snarling threats of revenge against anyone who they see as having crossed them have, up to now, been overlooked by all their fellow libs as just the Clints being the Clints. But you know, when you look at Obama, a leftist, sure, and even The Right Reverend Wright, there is not one tenth of the evil there that there is in the Clintons and in the blue collar pigs who are willing to drop all the Civil Rights rhetoric and come a-runnin' as soon as Miz Hilly stands on the porch and bangs on the swill-bucket of giveaway nirvana.
So I want to apologize to any black people who are reading this. Its not the black political culture which is deranged and dysfunctional its the liberal political culture, black, white, brown, red, yellow and in between which is, and I fell, hook, line and sinker for the lure of the racist attack on Obama by people who are worse and a thousand times more dangerous. I'm ashamed of myself.
My daughter sent me a link to make me feel better.

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