Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Olympic Disgrace

There are two issues that separate most Americans from their elitist leadership class; open borders and our relationship with the Chicoms. While any reasonable person that looks at China can only feel disgust with their internal policies and alarm as they rapidly build their military and become more and more belligerent internationally world leaders seem happy to ignore their militaristic threats. The Chicoms have brazenly and more or less openly been handing the Clintons millions of dollars in illegal campaign contributions for fifteen years and have been happy to shelter people that are under investigation by US authorities for facilitating those illegal transfers from answering any questions, possibly keeping them on tap to blackmail the sleazy Clints. The Chicoms have threatened nuclear war over Tiawan. They have shipped poison medicines, toys and pet food ingredients into our country.
Now in the run-up to the Olympic Games, a contest beloved of thuggish dictatorships since the 1936 Berlin Olympics, the Chicoms' glaring human rights and environmental abuses are being highlighted as they react savagely to anything they feel will mar their image in the eyes of the world. Of course, like all ham-handed thugs their violence-prone inhumanity leads them to commit horrors that define them as even more brutal and stupid.
While the well-educated and well-heeled in our society grovel and kowtow to the Chicoms, either for profit or ideology, the communist regime has launched an assault on the already oppressed people of Tibet. They are accusing the Dalai Lama of being a violent revolutionary, stirring up 'trouble' for the benevolent Beijing commies. They have threatened their neighbors in Nepal to close climbing treks on the Nepalese side of Mt. Everest. Stories are filtering from Lhasa of repression and massacre. Heard any denunciations by any world leader? Heard anything even approaching the meek, timid criticism of the Chinese-sponsored genocide in Darfur (usually the critics dont mention the key role the oil-greedy Chicoms play in that doleful conflict)? No you havent, and you wont. Our gutless leaders and their business cronies have too much of a stake in the continued prosperity of the Chicom agenda.
Meanwhile, back at the ranch, we're daily accused of being environmental criminals. We use criminal light bulbs and too many sheets of toilet paper, condemning the helpless polar bears to a watery grave. We're enjoined to analyze our every action in the context of the 'carbon footprint' that we will leave. Movies like 'Micheal Clayton' and 'Erin Brokavitch' encourage us to fear the water we drink and hate the greedy capitalists who are conspiring to poison us and cash in on the results. Meanwhile, the Kyoto-ignoring Chicoms are in a crash program of building coal-fired electrical generators. The air in Beijing, and every other Chinese city are thick with poisonous fumes. Their leaking chemical plants have poisoned entire rivers and when the local authorities in Harbin were given money to purchase bottled water for the population whose water supply had become undrinkable they pocketed the money and turned the guns of the riot police on the desperate mobs of thirst-crazed citizens. No international conference has ever called, in the name of the environment, for any kind of investigation into the foul and dangerous Chicom chemical industry. Food exported to the US has turned out to be adulterated with industrial waste, highlighting the state of the Chinese internal food supply. The government and its business cronies are corrupt and greedy and retaliate with hot vengence to any criticizism.
Do you like pets? Your love is not shared by the authorities in Beijing. Worried that unsightly animals will mar the picture-perfect image these ghouls think they can project they have been spreading rumors about how dangerous and disease-ridden cats are. Thousands are being beaten to death or rounded up and sent to their destruction. Expect a wave of fur coats Made In China to appear on the shelves of your local big-box store soon. There is a similar campaign against dogs.
The athletes who are going to have to compete in this coal dust soup are already being intimidated and bullied for asking whether its safe to strain oneself in air that toxic and the various national sports authorities are also being pressured and threatened to ensure good behavior. There is currently an internet crackdown going on in China so any alternative news sources will not emerge to report any untoward occurances. Political opponents, homeless people and anyone the regime finds unphotogenic are scheduled for roundup in the weeks preceding the games. I'm sure whatever networks are going to cover the events have been thoroughly acquainted with the consequences of unfavorable reports emerging from the Worker's Paradise'.
So, should we boycott the Olympics? The inferior coverage by the US networks (concentrating only on US athletes and hopping aimlessly from event to event) makes this easy. It also would be great to discomfit the band of high-brow parasites who run the International Olympic Committee. But in the end my wife will turn on the ice-skating and a few other favorite events and I'll get sucked into it too. But the nature of the regime that is staging this year's Olympic Games should never be far from our minds, and the nature of the politicians in this country who kowtow to their agenda and even accept millions of their illegal campaign dollars should also be in our thoughts.

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