Friday, March 14, 2008

Much Of A Muchness

There's a brewing controversy about Obama's minister The Right Rev Jeremiah Wright Jr and his crackpot ravings. The good Rev spins on with the usual, " Those evil white people keeping us brothers down" routine that has been spun so many times in the last forty years that it has become commonplace and boring. If Obama hadnt been an active member of his church the good Rev would have retired and sat on the St Patrick's Day revue stand with the mayor like any other local dignitary. The fact is that Obama is a grad of Columbia and got his law degree at Harvard. It must be nice for a guy who grew up in a white environment, who was then steeped in the Marxist broth of Columbia and Harvard to get in touch with a side of himself that had probably not gotten a lot of nurturing and be accepted wholeheartedly into the community. Does he share Reverend Wright's silly philosophy? Of course not. People with degrees from Harvard and Columbia have been trained, however, not to dismiss even the most irrational idiocy if it comes from the mouth of someone sufficiently ethnic or radical. An Ivy League education these days not only doesnt give you any critical abilities it attempts to destroy the critical abilities you might possess naturally. When the academic world abandoned morality in the 1920's and 30's so they could pay proper homage to Lenin and Stalin they lost the ability to judge truth from lies, sense from nonsense.
There are those that say Obama's ability to sit through the Rev Wright's sermons, or even be enthusiastic about them, means that he isnt qualified to be President.
Maybe so, but then doesnt that disqualify EVERY Democrat? Hillary Clinton was an associate of Saul Alinsky, an anti-American viper that makes Rev Wright look like the jovial crackpot that he is. Obama was an invisible extra in the Radical Movie, Hillary was not one of the stars but she was on screen an awful lot of the time. The Childrens Defence Fund was a repository of a much more radical agenda than The Trinity United Church Of Christ. Another big difference was that Rev Wright is just giving his observations on the way he sees things whereas The Children's Defence Fund has a social, political, legal, legislative agenda to actively make this country into a different kind of society than we are; an agenda that springs from the same kind of contempt for America that motivates Liberal Arts and Humanities professors in a school like Columbia or The
Trinity United Church Of Christ. The Democrats are the party that sees America as bad and wrong and that should be the issue not whether Hillary or Obama is more radical then the other. The issue should instead be the underlying philosophy of the Democratic Party and what their erroneous ideas are doing to this country. That should be the only talking point. If we dont overthrow their vision then we will become subjugated by it. It might be too late already, people seem to have lost the ability to relate their high taxes and the increasing cost of the Global Warming lunacy to the accelerating slide in the standard of living. They're yelling for more," Get rid of the evil conservatism of Bush!" Our guys dont respond by yelling back "Get rid of the evil social fascism of the Dems!" because, guess what, the people in charge of the Republican Party learned in the Ivy League schools they went to (sitting next to the Dems they now work with) to be quiet and submissive, to prevaricate, to compromise, to be reasonable while their leftist colleagues were goaded to be ever more radical. If they didnt stand up and yell, "What the hell is this CRAP!?" in Ward Churchill's 'America The Enemy Of Humanity 101' class when they were young and frisky why should we expect them to do it now that they are old and have a stake in the system?
I guess the only logical conclusion to this is that the slide to disaster is unstoppable because the people at the top, one and all, seem to have lost sight of the most elemental common sense and are pursuing a course whose end is well known to the isolated and dwindling readers of the the works of the Old Dead White Men which were banished from the Ivied Halls Of Academe in the Glorious Revolution of the 1960's. The only question left is Bang or Whimper?

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