Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Stay Strong Eliot!

New York State's democratically elected Democratic governor should ignore the mewling of the Puritans and boldly move forward in his voter-approved attack on New York's economy. The policies of Spitzer and his Democratic cronies in the Senate and Legislature are turning New York into a barren, depopulated wasteland where the only things moving on the landscape will be government employees and those who eke out a meager existence as recipients of state-given largess. The taxpayers, who are ignorant enough to vote for these guys year in and year out richly deserve the Michigan-like depression that is descending on them. Getting rid of Spitzer wont save them because they are terminally stupid! This is a state where they pay more in property taxes than they do for their mortgages, their roads are full of holes, their schools mismanaged and groaning under the heal of a fat and loathsome bureaucracy, a public health system overburdened giving free care to illegal aliens and a legislature that is addicted to vote-buying spending orgies. So it takes the sneering rich-kid crusader to be discovered hiring prostitutes for people to be shocked. New York's losing of population didnt shock them. New York's odious business climate and the loss of more and more jobs upstate didnt shock them. These guys were overjoyed when people like Leona Helmsley and Martha Stewart were put in prison, not because of anything they did but because New Yorkers hate rich people. Thats why they need a governor like Spitzer in charge, he reflects who they are.
Some people have even had the temerity to be more shocked that Spitzer paid the astronomical price of $5500 for services that could easily be attained for far less. Those girls that work for Emperors Club VIP (or whatever it was called) certainly also have their own websites for when chumps as fat as Spitzer arent around. You can see by this how a government run by this paragon would have overspending issues, this is the $800 Pentagon Toilet Seat writ large. I'm sure the babes down at Emperor are pretty tasty but the $5500 price tag would give any normal red-blooded American guy a permanent soft-off. If my wife found out I paid $5500 for anything, regardless of what it was, without telling her she would be the one tearfully apologizing to the TV cameras, after her indictment for murder. Those people who do participate in these kind of activities should be alarmed, however. Look what the intervention of the Spitzercrats has done to the price of medical care, gasoline (no drilling for oil offshore or in ANWR) and military toilet seats; when the Spitzers turn up the price goes through the ceiling. Even though my measly finances keep me honest, sometimes, as the diamond-bitted verbal drill possessed by all wives is boring deeper into my agonized brain I can take the trip Walter Mitty never dared to take and imagine myself in the arms of some voluptuous young floozy who is eager to please... but, alas, the thought that she's going to ask me for $5500 makes her seem a whole lot less dreamy. Now even a dream as pathetic and seedy as that is threatened by government subsidies driving the price of yet another commody sky high. Bill Clinton at least had the decency to rape state employees that his security detail brought to his hotel room, saving himself and his constituents the embarrassment of a hooker scandal. When he paid off he got Jennifer Flowers a gig behind the customer service desk at the DMV and Monica Lewinski some make-work job at the Pentagon. I'll bet the two of them combined didnt earn $5500 in a month. Ah! A man of the people was BJ, unlike rich-kid party-boy $5500 chump loser Spitzer. But dont worry, he will survive this. Why should he resign? He doesnt have to and he wont because he's a spoiled brat and a Democrat and the people who voted him in want him to stay, just like they did with Clinton. And this November they will dutifully troop to the polls and vote Democratic in the hope that the misery and hopelessness that they have inflicted on themselves will be visited on all of the rest of us. Thank God our candidate was a foot-soldier in the Reagan Revolution...

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