Saturday, March 22, 2008

Yellow Dog Democrats

Later, Lincoln told a friend: "I thought the best way to get rid of them was to tell the story of Sykes' yellow dog. Have you ever heard about Sykes' yellow dog?"

Sykes, as the President explained, was a childhood acquaintance who had a yellow dog he was very fond of, but the other children hated. They finally decided to deal with the dog by wrapping a piece of meat around a blasting cap. They whistled for the dog, and when he came to chew on the meat, they lit the fuze. The dog was blown to bits, and when Sykes came out to investigate, he picked up the tail and the pieces connected to it, saying: "Well, I guess he'll never be much account again, as a dog." Lincoln, having reached the punchline, added the moral: "I guess Pemberton's forces will never be much account again as a army."

Obama was a political candidate the voters were becoming fond of but the Clinton Children hated. They finally decided to deal with the candidate by launching an attack in the media against the dysfunctional black political culture that gave him his start in political life. Everyone always knew it was there, the Congressional Black Caucus has been talking like The Right Reverent Wright for decades. Does anyone remember Ron Dellums, a hate-filled, anti-American Marxist looney from the East Bay city of Oakland? Does anybody want to borrow my gold-bound copy of 'The Collected Speeches Of Maxine Waters'? Cynthia McKinney will provide further substantiation for this observation. The list is long. They get elected with 90% of the vote in their districts. This isnt anything that is news to anybody, either. White people just dont want to be seen as racist for criticizing or even closely analyzing the irrational conspiracy theories that abound in the black community because the basis for it is sometimes legitimate. Yes there was a Tuskegee Program. It was as sick as the experiments that totalitarian regimes run on inmates of their prisons and concentration camps. There were, up until the 1960's, real barriers to black people living a free, normal life in this country. In the intervening half-century this has become the country where black people have more freedom and opportunity than they do in any other country. A third of the population of Jamaica live here. Haitians dont sail towards Venezuela or Brazil, they come here. Some of the most enthusiastic Americans I've ever met were from Africa or the Caribbean. The funny thing is , I dont think middle class American blacks are on board with the loonies either but they're not about to get in some debate with a bug-eyed fanatic who's going to start screaming "Uncle Tom" at them.
But now, the subject has been raised by a desperate, ruthless, destructive political hack in a last-ditch effort to save her dying presidential hopes. Criticizing black political culture is not racism but trying to link your political opponent to it and stir up anger and division most certainly is. Hillary's attack through the media (amazingly coincidental that this story broke all over the media, from right to left, on the same day) is a call to White America to Vote White. The fact that this is true validates every paranoid looney in the black community and sets race relations in this country back quite a ways. Its a political and social blasting cap wrapped with a juicy piece of red meat in the form of The Right Reverend Wright's gentle sermonizing, which he was good enough to record on DVD for posterity and Hillary Clinton's opposition research team. You know, I guess Obama will never be much account again, as a candidate. Neither will she. This slimy trick has torn the Democratic Party apart and made them BOTH unelectable. Yesterday the pollster Scott Rasmussen said that John McLame was the luckiest guy since Ringo Starr. Yeah, Yeah, Yeah!

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