Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Where's The Warming?

Lets leave sweltering, dusty L.A. to the Mexicans. Its only going to get worse what with all that Global warming going on. You people are just using too much toilet paper and the wrong kind of light bulbs. In fact, I dont think you carbon criminals are ever going to change your evil ways and care about Algore's planet. What to do? Well, I dont know about you Bozos but I'm going to grab some Arctic Ocean beachfront property before it gets too expensive. Unless...
Those of us who want to profit from Global Warming have had some terrible shocks lately. National Public radio has an article on its website talking about how an intensive five-year state-of-the-art program to monitor global ocean temperatures found that global ocean temperatures went down! There's a lot of head-scratching in the article; if Global Warming is an established, incontrovertible fact then how do you explain something this big? They try but it is through a disturbing, convoluted thought process that is, ahem, somewhat unconvincing.
Which brings us to the second article in our set. This one fed random data into the climate model that got Algore's 'hockey stick' temperature graph, which showed a flat, stable climate until the late 20th century when it shoots up sharply, and found that any data inputted into this computer model will produce the same result. This 'hockey stick' business was always a bit suspicious because the historical record shows a wide swing in world temperatures over time... with the higher temperature times coinciding with times of prosperity and social stability and the cooler eras, especially the cooling in the fifth-seventh centuries and 'Little Ice Age' from 1300-1850, coinciding with times of chaos, anarchy and starvation. After all, the earliest civilizations arose in China, Mesopotamia and Egypt as temperatures increased at the end of the Ice Age and made the social organization necessary to create huge irrigation systems and more complex social organizations to regulate them.
The third article in this set is an attack by Michelle Malkin on the phony temperature data collected by NASA to back up the contention that the 1990's were the warmest decade of the 20th century. Temperature monitoring stations were purposely placed in places (on asphalt, etc.) that caused false high readings. When the data was 'adjusted' for this 'error' it turns out that the 20's and the 30's were just as hot or hotter.
So much for the science being 'established'. This last colder-than-average winter and all this contradictory data are bringing into stark relief the politically self-serving motives of the ideologues who are pushing this bogus science as a justification for a government takeover of the world economy. Well, not the world economy, because the Chicoms, the Indians and every other nation that doesnt want to live in grass huts for the rest of eternity are treating this with the contempt it deserves; just the economies of the media-obsessed developed nations whose citizens can be reduced to tears by pictures of polar bears on melting ice flows and whose educational systems have become so dysfunctional that most people arent aware of what a total disaster government-planned economies are for the people who live in them. The fact that the eco-morons who are so obsessed with greenhouse gases refuse to consider greenhouse friendly nuclear power as an option should show how politically motivated this whole business is. The chaotic idiocy of ethanol production, raising food prices and energy prices without increasing the availability of renewable energy is another good example of the stupidity of a government-mandated program to fix the weather. In the end all the Global Warming palliatives offered by the advocates of this theory seem to involve steep tax increases.
So before you purchase that beachside condo in Point Barrow, Alaska you might want to remember something; if the eco-loonies win this November they will take steps to shut down the American economy, something leftists have proven they can achieve very ably. The collapse of the economy, along with the mass starvation the end of our global food distribution system will entail, will certainly lower the output of greenhouse gases. Only a few chosen aristocrats will have any modern conveniences while the mass of surviving helots will be eking a rude, primitive existence from a harsh, unforgiving Earth.

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