Monday, December 31, 2007

Republican Standoff

Here the three questionable conservatives are, tearing each other apart. McLame is disliked and distrusted in the party and will not survive beyond these quirky opening contests, but he's well-known and well-funded enough to damage Mutt Romney. Mutt is well-funded and is directing his ire towards Huckster-Bee , successfully painting him as a sanctimonious liberal and Huckster-Bee is firing back at Mutt in tandem with McLame pointing out what a four-flusher Mutt is when it comes to being a conservative. Its hard to imagine any of these guys emerging from this with any 'momentum'.
So the question is, can Rudy, dogged by almost daily hit pieces in the NYT and other terrorist-friendly media outlets come up with some kind of rousing theme that will capture the imagination of the primary voters?
Stay tuned.

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