Sunday, December 23, 2007


The wave of publicity in the last week or two has been so strong in favor of Huckster-Bee that one would think that there was some big tidal wave of love for this unknown Baptist ex-governor of everybody's second favorite state. Did you know that a guy that is so smart that he can manipute the weather once described another former governor of Arkansas as , "The greatest President ever to serve our nation." That's the granite from which former governors of Arkansas are carved. To say that you're a former governor of Arkansas means something to every conservative. Could we feel comfortable voting in an election between a former governor of Arkansas and the wife of a former governor of Arkansas?
Even the curious absence, well scarcity, of pro-Huckster-Bee supporters on conservative blogs didnt really mean much, although strangely many of the people who identify themselves as Christians were still posting and were not raging Huck fans by any means.
Still the media hoopla (accompanied by narrowly taken polls where the margin of error made them absolutely meaningless) makes the guy look like a player.
The Huckster just narrowed his own chances, however, by sending his people out to pick a fight with Rush Limbaugh. I was listening to Rush Friday morning and was soon smiling broadly. It seems that The Huck has hired Ed Rollins, a notorious idiot, and that Rollins and some unidentified person were spreading canards attacking Rush. This was utterly stupid. Most conservatives had only vaguely heard of Huckster-Bee for a few weeks and some even blame Rollins for being a part of the Perot fiasco that elected BJ and the Gang, but we all know Rush VERY,VERY well. If the Huck-man and his paid stooges were conservatives they would know this. Bye-bye Huckster-Bee. You had the chance to make the sale but now you have a cogent, passionate conservative (the voice of conservatism) who has made the case that you are not one of us, but a sleazy, Perot-like liberal former governor of Arkansas. You cannot win the Republican nomination after what Rush said about you. He went straight to the overwhelming feeling in the Grass Roots; no more lying crooks, no more phony conservatives. The stakes are too high.

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