Sunday, December 30, 2007

Who Are They?

I want to see them! Talk to them! Ask them what went so terribly wrong to make them so confused! Who am I talking about? Republicans who are thinking of voting for John McLame. Today I was on a thread with some people who were willing to overlook McLame's liberal record and the fact that he betrayed us so many times.

skep41 writes: Sunday, December, 30, 2007 12:26 PM
This Lib Is A Mirage
The media and a few inbred crackpots in a tiny isolated state are creating a frenzy for this dead-on-arrival candidacy. How many times has this moron betrayed us? I was watching CSPAN yesterday and there he was at some town meeting promising to "sit down with Harry Reid and work out our differences". What differences? They both support amnesty, high taxes, Federal Health Care, liberal judges, government control of the media, terrorists legal rights...two libs working together to destroy this country. This is a candidate for people who feel the W hasnt compromised enough with the libs. If there's a hot race that emerges coming out of Iowa all the rattle-brained Independents that McLame is counting on will vote in the Democraptic Primary and he will get the one or two percent of actual Republicans that are deluded enough to support him.
ex-Wyomingite writes: Sunday, December, 30, 2007 12:45 PM
oh, skeppy, baby
I live in the same "isolated" state and in the same "inbred" town as you do! If I had known you were this grumpy this morning, I would have not bothered to post my humorous little note Jeez Louise. I'm just saying that I could swallow McCain before I could stomach Huckabee for God's sakes. Lighten up!
skep41 writes: Sunday, December, 30, 2007 1:04 PM
Sorry Ex-Wyomingite
I dont think I've been so outraged in a long time (since the Gang Of Fourteen,perhaps?) that any Republican would even consider giving this jerk the time of day after his long list of betrayals. Have you been watching CSPAN and listening to the crap this guy says on the stump? At least Huckster-Bee is trying to pretend he's a conservative once in a while. McLame is the most inside-the-beltway liberal on the Republican side, no doubt about it.
Manx writes: Sunday, December, 30, 2007 1:35 PM
McCain is a liberal? Come on, anyone who knows anthing about political science and McCain knows he is a conservative. Now, he isn't an ultra conservative, but he is conservative. Let's look at his positions:

Abortion: strongly against it, though (like a large majority of Americans) favor embryonic stem cell research - conservative

Affirmative action: generally opposes - conservative

Gun control: opposes (not to the extreme that the NRA does, but he does most gun control laws)

Gay marriage: opposes (He does opppose the Federal Marriage amendment, but I would argue that is more conservative because he doesn't want the federal government to interfere).

Death penalty: Favors - conservative

Three strikes and you are out laws: favors - conservative

Health care - favors some government involvement, but opposes universal health care, which is moderate for America, but conservative compared to the rest of the Western countries)

Social Security - strongly favors partial privatization - conservative

Free Trade - strongly favors (rated 100% by the libertarian CATO Institute) - very conservative

Immigration - favors and supports amnesty (or pathway to citizenship, whatever floats one's boat). - liberal

Taxes and spending - unquestionable strong anti-pork barreler, but hasn't favored all tax cuts.

Foreign policy - very conservative

Patriot act - supports - conservative

Environment - favors more action than conservatives but less than liberals - moderate

Drug War - favors - conservative

So there we have it: 11 conservatives or very conservatives, 3 moderates, and l liberal. And of course, this is American standards, which is more conservative than the rest of the world. But of course, since this is America, I used American standards of politics.

skep41 writes: Sunday, December, 30, 2007 4:05 PM
Manx response pt 1
Some of your points are directly contradicted by the CSPAN townhall meeting I saw McLame at yesterday (I think it had been recorded on Thursday).

On all the social conservative issues that you mention (affirmative action, abortion, gun control, death penalty, three strikes) McLame takes the usual Lib line, he parrots the popular conservative position and then supports liberal judges (all of these issues are being decided by judges, not legislatures) who will look into our Living Constitution and find liberal solutions to all these problems without McLame receiving the anger from the base. Did the Gang Of Fourteen BETRAYAL mean nothing to you?

Is one of the most vocal Republicans in favor of using Global Warming baloney as an excuse to pile more regulations on the economy while opposing oil drilling in ANWAR and offshore and opposing nuclear power.
skep41 writes: Sunday, December, 30, 2007 4:05 PM
Manx pt2

Taxes-- saw him on Hannity and Colmes last week when Rich Lowry asked him if he would still oppose Bush's tax cuts. After a Clinton-like rambling monologue the answer was YES.

Patriot Act- Supports ACLU lawyers for the ununiformed terrorist maggots in Club Gitmo and is outraged that we splashed water on Khalid Sheik Mohammed's face to get information from him.

This guy is a big lib. He has betrayed us again and again by making our former majority unworkable and preventing conservative bills from passing through the Senate.

His co-operation with Ted Kennedy and La Raza to hand illegal aliens welfare-state goody bags as they cross our ungaurded border is well known and needs no further comment.

Federal Health Care- Some toothless old fool asked a whining, sniveling healthcare question at that townhall meeting and McLame was happy to assure him that he would be reaching into everybody else's pockets to pay for whatever was necessary to create a government health monopoly, "we'll have to look at whether we'll have to make it manditory.."is a direct quote. LIBERAL TO THE MAX!

W's attempts to compromise with the Dems were bad enough. Let's not go with someone worse.
SteveL writes: Sunday, December, 30, 2007 6:47 PM
for skep41
skep41 writes: "This is a candidate for people who feel the W hasnt compromised enough with the libs. "

Well, *some* compromise would be necessary, since the Democrats will still control the Senate, and quite probably the House as well.

Even if the GOP hangs on to the White House, they will have to deal with a Democrat controlled Congress. Any hard-right Presidential proposal will be dead on arrival.
Manx writes: Sunday, December, 30, 2007 7:01 PM
I too saw him on Hannity and Colmes. I think he had a good anwser. He was saying that he has nothing against tax cuts, but he does have a problem continuing to increase spending not seen since the LBJ years. And I mentioned, McCain has always fought hard against wasteful spending, which a lot conservatives don't seem care about in a candidate (Bush comes to mind).

Global warming and immigration - I already said he wasn't conservative on these issues.

As far the health care quote, I assume it is accurate and say that McCain wasn't referring to a government monopoly or program. It sounds like he was referring to possibly making private health insurance a requirement (like car insurance), which is Romney's stance. That idea, again, is not the same as a government run program, unless you consider mandatory car insurance a government program.

And as far judges and justices, McCain has voted for Bush's nominees: Alito, Roberts, Griffith, Brown, Pryor, Griffin, McKeague, Owen. He also voted for Gonzales, Ashcroft, Chertoff, Negroponte, and BOLTON.

Gitmo - I certainly respect McCain's position on torture. This is a man who was tortured for years in Vietnam. So if there is anyone who has earned the right to object to waterboarding and other acts that some describe as torture. It is John McCain! He would know what torture is!
skep41 writes: Sunday, December, 30, 2007 7:05 PM
If there is a national campaign and the Republicans make the case that there are no Democratic moderates, that a vote for ANY Democrat is a vote for higher taxes,for total Federal control of schools and hospitals and defeat and retreat in the War On Terror than we could regain control of both houses of Congress. We cant win in a district by district fight but a national theme of conservatism would win the day. I live in California and you should have seen it when Gov. Gray Davis signed a bill to issue drivers licenses to illegal aliens.This supposedly liberal state rose up and threw him out with no help from the Republican Party! Barbara Boxer could be beaten the same way if the Republicans had any guts or imagination and would stop yammering about guns and abortion. Low taxes and failed government are what people want to hear and we should be shouting it loudly.
skep41 writes: Sunday, December, 30, 2007 7:14 PM
Making health insurance mandatory creates a huge beurocracy to monitor compliance...big savings there. And with all nationalizations its just the first step. Its the government assuming responsibility to make decisions that were formerly made by individuals. I have lived in a country were the government made all health care decisions (UK) and believe me it is a nightmare. The federal government will do the same thing to the health care system that they've done to the public school system; a long series of small steps will rob localities of any choices and put effective decision-making into the hands of the central government. Look at the schools. Were they made better by federal intervention. That is why McLame is a liberal...he believes in Big Government.

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