Friday, December 28, 2007

Hillary Nixon Clinton

So the headline on Drudge this morning is an LA Times piece about how Madame Hillary and Co. are blowing through their Iowa appearances without allowing questions from reporters or the Great Unwashed. It must be really bad if the LA Times is complaining, they are usually the most compliant Clinton stooges in the media. In fact, a sardonic comment I attempted to post on the comment board was refused (insufficiently reverent, I suppose).
But of course she wont answer questions. The last time she tried to answer a question in the Philadelphia debate marked the beginning of a terrifying (to her) slide in the polls, from which she has not recovered. Mrs. Clinton can only win if certain questions are never asked; immigration, her documents from the White House years, any specifics about her Amazing Snake-Oil Health Care Miracle, the giant tax increases she has in store, Chicom bundled donations... there's no telling what people will ask if you give them the chance. The last thing she wants to do is turn into Richard Nixon in drag as Phyllis Diller like she did in Philly. So let's stick to the soothing platitudes, blame everything on George Bush and KEEP SMILING!

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