Monday, December 10, 2007

The Al Qaeda Democrats

We've been hearing a mass snivel from the liberals in Congress and the media for two years now about the dastardly plot to reveal Valarie Plame's identity as a 'CIA Agent' that has been hatched in the bowels of the evil Bush Administration. No facts have been allowed to intervene. That the whining skank Plame and her half-wit leftist husband were liars on the scale of the Clintons (!) didnt make any difference. The fact that Plame wasnt a covert agent didnt matter. The fact that the slimey couple came to public attention during a ham-handed attempt to undermine US policy with lies didnt matter. The fact that the leaker was linked to Colin Powell, who is nursing a grudge that he was 'forced' to go along with the invasion of Iraq and had no connection with the administration didnt matter. No, for two years we were treated to the mantra, "A Covert Agent Put In Jeopardy By Dick Cheney! Bush Lied! Bush Lied!" The concern for the secrecy of covert agents dripped from the libs, even as they published detailed information about top-secret covert operations against the terrorists on the front pages of The New York Slimes and the Washington ComPost and other terrorist-friendly newspapers.
Now, however, the Doublethink Worm has turned. The same libs that were valiant in the defense of Valerie Plame want the videotapes of interrogations of fine upstanding members of the world community like Khalid Sheik Mohammed so they can leak them onto You-Tube and publish the names of the actual covert agents that conducted the interrogations in Time Magazine. Little Dick 'Our troops are no better than Nazis or the Khmer Rouge' Durban is leading the charge. These losers want to help their terrorist allies again with names and images to be trumpeted in Al Jezeera and MSNBC and other terrorist media outlets. Oh, the sorrowful look on Keith Overbite's face as he opines against the brutality of the Bushlied Criminals, violating the rights of these poor, innocent souls.
Now, the fact is that Al ACLU is taking the terrorists' attack to the enemy in the form of a case presented to the senile half-wits (the liberal side) of the Supreme Court. These geniuses are well-protected by security police so they feel comfortable gambling with the safety of the insect-like citizenry that scurries past their exalted legal selves every day. Is the safety of the nation and the security of its citizens a Constitutional point? Well, lets see, they put it in the Preamble, before everything else, as a defining principle that guided the whole rest of the Constitution but obviously there's an Emanation Of A Penumbra in our Living Constitution that entitles our bloodthirsty enemies to be treated with the same legal rights as a shoplifter at WalMart.
But back to the whining, sniveling Senators; every one on the Democratic side with a long history of stabbing our foreign policy and our troops in the back. They are facilitated in doing so by a President who seems so averse to confrontation that he has abandoned every principle of conservatism in the name of comity; a fake comity with people who daily attack his policies and person. If the Republicans can pull an electoral victory out of their hat next November it will only be because the megaphone has been seized from the Traitorcrats and used against them.

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