Sunday, December 9, 2007

Oprah Makes The Sale!

Oprah is everything Hillary Clinton is not; she's smart, she's relatively honest, she has a warm personality that people connect with and she can answer unscripted questions. And now she's hawking Obama to her credulous millions. Hillary's response to this electoral disaster, to dragoon her long-suffering daughter and her aged mother to join her in a photo tableau that snarls family values like a Rottweiler, lacks a certain, shall we say, sincerity. Where's Bill, one might ask?
Oh Oprah, rid us of these pestilential Clintons and I'll take back every, snidey mean thing I ever said about the vacuous half-wits who follow you into throes of uterine hysteria. I'll be on the commission that builds your monument. Let Her Thighness sit stewing in her townhouse as she watches Obama campaign this summer and fall, a forgotten Junior Senator from New York.
What a lovely image!

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