Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Yer Busted, Obama!

I think its about time we started talking about Obama's Kindergarten Manifesto, that Mein Kampf of power-mad megalomania. And now we find, from impeccable sources who requested anonymity, the Third Grade declaration of his presidential candidacy, which makes every penny he's earned since then a violation of campaign finance regulations. Thank God, er I mean Goddess, that someone as wise as The Smartest Woman In The World has access to everyone's files so She can make us aware of the scheming cockroaches that seek to take away the Anointed Presidency that belongs to Her By Right. Who else could have dealt with the hostage situation in NH as masterfully as She did? She watched it on TV even while the Chinese food delivery boy donated $2500 to her campaign. That she could remain calm while expendable campaign workers were menaced by a psychopath hundreds of miles away shows Her ability to deal with Iran. Ahmadinajad was quoted as saying, "After New Hampshire we must recognize a powerful new America!" Thank You Hillary.

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