Saturday, December 15, 2007

Taxpayers Are Bison

Bison would continue grazing and munching their cud while a few yards away hunters were blithely killing their herd-mates. Thats the mentality of people voting for Democrats, hoping they'll tax someone else into bankruptcy. How stupid do you have to be? People in places like New Jersey and New York havent yet figured out that their states are being devastated and depopulated by these Socialist creeps. California (my home state) isnt that bad YET but its getting there. Are we all living so much better since the government takes so much more? Actually the headline in the LA Times usually reads BUDGET SHORTFALL REQUIRES DEEP CUTS IN SERVICES AND TAX HIKES. I'll bet New Jerseyites have read that one before, too. Now states like Nevada and Virginia are plagued with morons fleeing high taxes who move to low tax states and vote Democrat. If the Republicans made some noise and attempted to link voting for Democrats with your taxes going up instead of trying to match the Dems' giveaway programs with ones of their own we might win a few elections. Has the feckless bi-partisanship of W so debilitated the party that they are unable to step back from the 'targeted district' strategy that they cant run on a national theme? When Tip O'neill said that 'all politics are local' he was talking about the strategy that put the current system in place. A change means that politics have to be made national. Vision, taking some risks, leadership...

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