Friday, December 7, 2007

Liberals Win!

When fervid Born-Again Christians run on the social issues the Democrats win. Huckster-Bee's skin-crawling religious maneuvers might appeal to the anti-Mormon intolerance of hard-core Christian voters but there is another, bigger intolerance that stalks the land, one which I and many other fiscal, national defence and foreign policy Republicans share; an intolerance for excessive Bible-banging by political hacks to garner votes. In California (my home state) the hard-core zealots, by making issues like abortion, Creationism and the right to own a houseful of machine guns the front burner issues have turned this formerly Republican state into a clone of Oregon or Massachusetts. When The Governator put four ballot referendums up for a vote that would have hamstrung the liberals and changed the face of politics in this state the Bible crowd and the Border Psychotics stayed home nursing their one-issue grudges and showed Arnold that he had to move to the left to get re-elected. Huckster-Bee or Mutt Romney (with all their fake piety) at the head of the ticket will be an electoral disaster for Republicans all over the country. The Bible-Bangers will get the Stalinist Supreme Court and public funding for abortion that they deserve.

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