Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Memory Lane

Cast your mind back....
How many times in the Golden Decade (the real gay Nineties!) did we think the Clintons were finished. Bimbos Erupted, Chicoms were scurrying across the White House threshold with baskets of cash and leaving with missle technology tucked in their Mao jackets, billing records were found where they shouldnt be, land fraud, looting an S&L, trumped-up travel office charges; these guys made Al Capone look like a legal neophyte with their successful cover-ups and evasions. They survived it all. They repeated every lie so loudly and through so many pet media outlets that their easily confused constituents retreated from politics and enjoyed Newt Gingrich's fiscal policies (aka The Clinton Legacy).
But all those frustrating arguments that we all had with our liberal friends are now bearing fruit. Women who were forced to defend a 56 yr old boss having sex with a 22 yr old intern and then siccing his wife's Bimbo Eruptions team on her were on board for the agenda but they knew the truth deep down. I think every decent Democrat knew... they just disliked the Republicans more. Now they can choose to turn to the 800 pound gorilla in the room and say,"Go!" I think they will. Thank God.

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