Saturday, December 29, 2007

Let's Sit Down And Solve This Together!

Today Chris Dodd couldnt take it any more. The moronic statements of his fellow Dems running for the presidency concerning the Bhutto assassination presented too tempting a target. The best was Bill Richardson, who calls for the removal of Musharraf (as though he was some hired flunky with less tenure than a unionized elementary school teacher) and the formation of a 'Unity Government'. Oh, how groovy and wonderful! Of course the leaders of the mobs of the psychotic, unemployed young hooligans who are currently raging in the streets and tearing the country to pieces and the turbaned Imams that regularly send deluded psychopaths to set off bombs in crowds of innocent civilians will not be invited. NICE PEOPLE ONLY! Just like we're only inviting the NICE Palestinians to the Peace Conference over there. You see, among nice people diplomacy always works according to the Liberal Code enacted by the UN Council On Niceness in their Niceness Protocols.
So we've been subjected to one stupid statement after another from this pack of Dem idiots which has amply demonstrated their total unfitness for office. Her Thighness once attended a conference and breifly met Bhutto so we should bow down to her mighty EXPERIENCE!
Dodd is actually the most capable candidate running on the Dem side. Of course, as a life-long lib he's been on the wrong side of just about every issue but he's not dumb enough to believe that the homicidal maniacs in Al Qaeda are going to sit back while some US-sponsored unity government squabbles over cabinet posts. All these dimwitted Dems have been saying that there is no War On Terror, that its just a bumper sticker for the neo-cons to scare everybody. SURPRISE!
Neo-lib Condi and the panty-waists at the State Department leaned on Musharraf to make some kind of deal with an incompetent socialist woman (in a Muslim country,oh how modern!) and the Pakistanis were just going to get the news when their copies of the New York Times were delivered at the madrassah. Pakistan is a showcase for failed attempts at Democracy. The country is inhabited by mobs of poverty-stricken, angry, young bloodthirsty thugs, drunk on Koranic calls to violence. Primative savagery is the order of the day. But this is the liberal MO; pretend things are the way you think they should be and then react with shock and surprise when it blows up in your face. Eight years of the Clinton foreign policy paved the way. Talk, talk, talk and talk some more... but only with the Right People.
I cant believe that anyone would vote to entrust our national security to any member of these Liberal Loser Posse.

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