Friday, August 8, 2008

Snakes On The Plane!

We've become used to metaphors where Marxist leaders are linked to pathfinding professions. Stalin was the Great Navigator, Mao the Great Helmsman, Castro The Maximum Leader and now we have Obama The Pilot Of Change! But it seems that the sputtering political bi-plane that Obama is in control of has hit a bit of turbulence. McLame has hit him hard, drawing a picture of an out-of-touch elitist who embraces a no-growth whacko agenda in league with a pack of Anti-American ideologues and his responses have played into that image. So the Candidate Of Hope is struggling with the controls as the Republicans scream for drilling and nuclear power and are starting to turn the agenda of the election around to their advantage. This would be a tough situation for any Pilot and as our Intrepid Hero grasps the stick tightly beads of sweat start to drip down his face, stinging his eyes.
But that's not his only problem, by far! He's got Snakes On The Plane! Snakes named Clinton, the most venomous kind. The female thinks she should be flying the plane and is stirring up her lesser snake buddies to go in the front seat and start to entwine themselves around the legs of the embattled pilot as he struggles to keep control of the plane. Hillary operatives, will-less zombies who never make a peep without a word from headquarters, are now loudly and publically demanding a floor vote at the convention. Those thirty point shellackings that Snake Woman gave our Intrepid Pilot after he supposedly clinched the nomination are being remembered as it becomes obvious that the same people that voted for the loathsome Hillary out of dismay over the leftism and anti-white racism of the Obama team have not warmed to him in the meantime and are almost certain to go with Paris Hilton's 'Wrinkly Old White Dude'-- McLame.
Meanwhile, on an African babe-sampling tour, the lovely and reptilian BJ gave an impromptu interview to some ABC info-babe that was dripping with barely-concealed venom towards Obama and The Big O's tactic of branding BJ and The Little Woman as closet racists. He very pointedly equivocated when asked if Obama was qualified to be President. One time in the 1960 campaign when reporters asked Dwight Eisenhower why Nixon should be president he responded, "Give me a week to think about it."
What Clinton did was worse than that gaffe because it was an intentional slight aimed directly at Obama, intending to do him damage. The most amazing thing about the whole encounter was the seething anger that was just under the surface of BJ's terse delivery. He couldn't bring himself to say anything positive about Obama. He gave a generic endorsement of Democrats in general but nothing specific about their standard-bearer.
So with his poll numbers tanking, the Clintons and their minions stirring trouble at the convention and McLame landing video punches that are having an effect the high-flying Obama campaign is struggling to stay on an even keel and move forward. But to where? What's his goal? Where is the theme of his campaign? The old Hope and Change baloney has burned itself completely out; it was a hit on the 'old' candidate Hillary-Snake anyway. So what does he have to offer, tire gauges? Higher taxes? That's inspiring.
Meanwhile the flight over at McLame Airlines was lost in the clouds but finally the sputtering, confused, liberal old duffer has straightened the plane out and started on a steady course touting an end to drilling restrictions and an end of the de facto ban on building nuclear power plants, an issue with traction that has been pumping up his poll numbers and those of the Republican Senatorial and Congressional candidates when all of a sudden the cry was heard, "Snakes On The Plane!" Five alleged 'Republican' Senators, lead by that drooling moronic idiot Lindsey Grahamnesty are working with five Democrats to develop a 'bi-partisan energy plan' that gives the anti-drilling Democrats a de facto drilling ban to replace the de jure one and then gives $85 billion taxpayer dollars to fund more 'alternative energy' boondoggles. When are these jerks going to stop stabbing the Republican Party in the back in the name of bi-partisanship? Just more Snakes On The Plane!
So now it's become like a disaster movie. Two planes are in the air, both filled with out-of-control packs of reptilian troublemakers, both in the hands of pilots who are less than qualified to be in the pilot's seat. The atmosphere is alive with invisible downdrafts and wind shear that adds an element of unpredictability to the flight. An Israeli attack on Iran's nukes could change the dynamics of the election in one day, for instance. A fractious and riotous Dem convention or one where the Obamanoids were stupid enough to give Jesse Jackson or Al Sharpton or any of the other of the myriad of black psychotic politicians prime-time facetime (and they are that stupid. They think that those guys make sense!) could bring the plane crashing into the mountain. The slimy, sabatoging Clintons will not benefit from the resulting crash, even though they would bring it on in the hopes of running against a Republican Newbie in 2012 as the feeble McLame retires. They are finished as a political force in this country. But that won't stop them from trying to grab as much power and get as much revenge on all the people they see as having betrayed them as they can. They are making themselves completely hated in the Democratic Party, even a total wipeout of the Obamanoids will not put them in a better light or make them emerge as an alternative power-center in the party.
The only hope that the Snake-Infested Dems have is the phenominal stupidity of Reptile Republicans like Graham and Co. who are working with fiendish diligence to destroy what is left of the Republican Party. It's exciting! As the planes wander aimlessly in the fog, altering course with no rhyme or reason we ground-bound spectators can only hold our breath and hope for the best.

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