Monday, August 25, 2008

Old King Log

The frog-pool wanted a king,
Jove sent them Old King Log.
I have been deaf and blind and wooden as a log.

By dulling the blade of tyranny I fell into great error.
By whetting the same blade I might redeem that error.
Violent disorders call for violent remedies.

Yet I am, I must remember, Old King Log.
I shall float inertly in the stagnant pool.
Let all the poisons that lurk in the mud hatch out.

Robert Graves
'Claudius The God'

What poisons are there that lurk in our Modern Mud? The poison that the government is the insurer of last resort; that when there is a problem the government is the solution. The poison of a thousand selfish special interests competing like greedy piglets for the unending surge of taxpayer slop being ladled into the trough. The poison of a history smeared with hateful propaganda and now nearly forgotten. The poison of an electorate that cant even determine its real long-term best interests. The poison of a people who think that they can 'save the planet' by changing their light bulbs. The problem of a nation that has exchanged its 'rendezvous with destiny' for a fat pension and a vacation home at the lake.
There are two political parties in this country. Is one the party of the Mega-State Cancer and the other the party of Fiscal and Social Sanity? No, they are both Mega-State parties with a slight nuance separating them. In the 'Budget Showdown' between Newt Gingrich and Bill Clinton in the nineties the big issue was Clinton wanting a Medicare increase of 7.5% and Gingrich holding out for an increase of a mere 7.2% in an economy with a 2% inflation rate and a 4% GDP growth rate. And that was when the two parties were at each other's throats.
But now we see bad policy after bad policy pushed through Congress by Democrats and given bi-partisan approval by coalitions with a few liberal Republicans. When these liberal disasters cause a catastrophe they become Republican catastrophes! No Child Left Behind, anyone? A bill written by the Washington Educrats and the NEA, pushed through the Senate by nearly-Dead Kennedy and hung around the neck of the hapless Bush, who climbed on board in the name of Bi-Partisan Unity and who now is vilified by every educator in the country for this horrible piece of legislation. Just as him and McLame are vilified for 'comprehensive immigration reform' which was written by left-wing radical Reconquista groups and pushed through the Senate by Guess Who! People werent screaming at the Dems for that, they hated BUSH!
Now we have 'The Gang Of Ten' giving the Dems cover on their anti-energy policies as we had the 'Gang Of Fourteen' helping the Dems radicalize the judiciary. Guess who's going to get the blame when people are standing beside their inert autos cursing the lack of gasoline?
And while this stupid game plays itself out the government just continues to bloat, sopping up resources from the private sector like a giant sponge. Local, State, and Federal governments continue to grow three or four times faster than the economy. Government workers are promised pensions that will, through indexing, pay them more than they ever earned when they were pretending to 'work' at their jobs. The Earned Income Tax Credit, Social Security, Food Stamps, Medicare and a raft of other giveaway programs expand exponentially with COLA rises and now are faced with tens of millions of new recipients made eligible by 'comprehensive immigration reform'. And the people clamor for ever more and more 'solutions' to our pressing problems. But we have only one problem right now. We have turned our destiny over to a pack of bureaucrats with a 100% track record of failure. This trend started in the thirties with FDR's ham-handed attempt to 'fix' the economy, whose disastrous state was conveniently blamed on Liberal Republican Herbert Hoover. The trend accelerated in the sixties and seventies as LBJ expanded the Welfare State and Liberal Republicans Nixon and Ford acquiesced. Carter took the train off the rails and brought the country close to the edge and Reagan managed to slow the rate of growth for a while, but not by much. His tax cuts brought in a surge of revenue which actually spurred the expansion of government. An expansion which has continued unabated to the present day throughout the terms of the three feckless liberals who followed Reagan until now it has reached critical mass. A meltdown is certain, the beginnings are happening already.
So now I'm told that however bad McLame is, he's certainly better than Obama; a dangerous radical. I'm not so sure. The numbers tell us that the government is about to outrun its resources, that the parasite is about to kill the host. Do we want the ultimate Schlemiel, the Patsy , the Fall Guy, the Herbert Hoover of the coming hyper-inflationary imploding economy to be a Republican, destroying the party for ever and leaving us in a one-party Socialist Third-world state for ever? Will McLame stand in front of the giant-government juggernaut and command the ocean to recede like some Modern-Day King Canute? Dont bet on it.
Let's think about letting the Dems put their smug platitudes into law and then letting them get 100% of the CREDIT for the results. Lets dream of an America where the desperate citizens of San Francisco run Nancy Pelosi out of town on a rail and install a Fiscal Conservative in her place to go to Washington and make the cuts in expenditures and regulations that everyone will demand. Just as Stalin told the German Communists to lend their votes in the Reichstag to Hitler to further the destruction of bourgeois Capitalism so should we now ponder helping the Dems and their pestiferous fellow parasites to GO TOO FAR and bring themselves to ruin.
The thought of a McLame /Republican brand on the oncoming Argentina-like crisis should make us all at least stop and think. Obama is right; can WE (as conservatives) afford four more years of Republican Liberalism?

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