Friday, August 1, 2008

Pollo Chavez

Bush Lies Again! How much more of this are we expected to take while that warmonger runs amok all over the planet smothering the dreams of the hungry masses yearning for social justice?
In Columbia we are seeing the signs that the armed bullying tactics of the BushLied clique are forcing another indigenous resistance group to fold up it's tents and retreat. This is sickening. Can't these bloodthirsty imperialists ever get the message that their military bluster is not the answer to the world's problems? One look at the diplomatic successes that have ended the war in Darfur and brought peace and justice to its people, the negotiations that have brought electoral fairness to Zimbabwe, the UN's successful mission to bring food aid to the typhoon victims in Burma should show the futility of military efforts and the power of unleashed diplomacy!
Now, added to the bragging about the so-called 'victory' over 'terrorism' in Iraq we have to contend with more insults to cultural diversity as these retrograde fascists gloat at the destruction of the FARC resistance group.
In March of this year a force of elite Columbian troops, trained and equipped by the US, crossed the Ecuadorian border and raided a FARC training camp. One of the leaders of the FARC was killed and several computers were grabbed containing, apparently, loads of damaging information about the group. In the months since then the FARC has suffered defeat after defeat.
In the days after the raid Hugo Chavez made a bunch of noise about the sanctity of international borders. Here's how Reuters, a left-wing news service extremely sympathetic to Chavez put it:

Colombia’s police chief said documents were found in the raid in Ecuador showing that Chavez gave the FARC $300 million. Venezuela denied the charge and said it had its own evidence that the police chief was a drug-trafficker.

Colombia also linked the slain commander, Raul Reyes, with an official close to Ecuador’s President Rafael Correa.

“The government of Ecuador energetically rejects these accusations which cynically add to the hostile attitude shown in the recent violation of our sovereignty,” Ecuador’s government said. [Reuters]

Chavez rushed tanks to the border and made threatening noises but backed down extremely quickly when confronted with the Columbian military; well-trained with years of operational experience. Chavez can't say either of those things about his military. He also must have some doubts about his conservative officers and how loyal to the regime they might prove. Military defeats have brought down dictators in South America before and Chavez had little to gain and much to lose by pressing the issue. Even just with the limited noise he made his climbdown was a humiliation. As the economic scene in his country grows ever more grim and the crime wave unleashed by the gangs of thugs aligned with the ruling party effects more and more people his popularity continues to erode.
Which brings us to the real point of this post. Here we have an anti-US terrorist group that has been funding it's violent activities by selling cocaine in the US market decisively defeated. A bombastic enemy of our country, who denounced us before the UN and compared our President with Satan has suffered a humiliation and a loss of prestige. The forces of Democracy have struck a winning blow! Read All About It!
Except you didn't. The US media prefer Chavez to Bush. The Democrats are openly hostile to Columbia's ruling party. Nancy Pelosi recently spike a free-trade deal with the Uribe government. This war, another war won against terrorists by the persistent Bush, is viewed as a defeat for the forces of good by these 'citizens of the world'. The media has only one story line and they're not going to report news that doesnt fit that storyline. Even when the Columbians, using information captured in the Ecuador raid, rescued a bunch of long-held hostages the coverage was long on hugs and kisses with the family and short or background or analysis about the crumbling fortunes of the FARC or the success of Bush's policy in Columbia. One of the hostages, a French woman effusively thanked all the left-wing groups who had begged and sent petitions to Chavez, the UN and the thugs at FARC imploring them to release her and had scant praise for the Columbian military who rescued her and of course didn't mention that they had been trained and equipped by the US under Bush. They should have left her in the jungle with her ideological soul brothers. her fellow citizens of the planet on the left are none too happy about these developments and it shows how much the media is controlled by the left that this entire story has been effectively spiked or buried.

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