Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Is It Possible?

Can the Democrats be this stupid? I just listened to HRC's swan song of last night on the internet. Even with the pumped-up pacing, aided by the fact that she was rested and had time to work on her delivery it was still just the same old stuff said in the same old way. Da-da-da-da, da-da-da-da-da, da-da-da-da. It was my wife in a bad mood nagging me that I still have to fix the washer in the bathroom sink, mow the lawn and change the water in the cat's bowl. There were no quotes that had any resonance. These Dems are okay at bashing Bush, these are hard times, people aren't happy with what's going on, there's a sense of crisis in the air but what did she have to offer as a concrete solution to anyone's problems?
Universal Health Care? Even people who aren't fully aware of the complete and total failure of government-run health care in other countries are not on board with having a government that has completely screwed up the education system take over another giant sector of the economy and put them in the same line as welfare cases and illegal aliens. I like my doctor and the medical facilities I go to; can I Believe that Change is going to make them better?
So we got the bald-headed cancer victim with two autistic children thrown in our faces; another mythological socialist chimera that is supposed to make us feel guilty that we're not paying enough taxes. I'm sick of that crap and I'll tell you something else, so is EVERYBODY. If fifty percent of what I earn isn't enough for you people to take care of the cancer victims with autistic children then where does it stop? Sixty percent? Seventy? Eighty?
She wants to unionize America; that'll make us competitive in the world market. The Dems want to take away secret ballots in union elections so they can expand the pool of dues that flow right into their campaign coffers. A sweet deal for the Dems and a way to extend ever more government control into formerly Free Enterprise. When the government and the unions are basically the same political entity, like they are in Zimbabwe or China, the alleged 'owners' of a business are helpless. The unions will reduce every business to the basket-case level of GM or US Steel very quickly.
And it seems we're not going to be 'rewarding energy speculators with windfall profits' any more. That's nice. Does that mean effective government price controls on energy? No more commodity markets? Do they ever think about what they're saying? No drilling, no new fossil fuel power plants, no nuclear, just a pack of bureaucrats levying stiff new taxes and enforcing a raft of new government mandates. Did you notice HRC only mentioned Glow-Bull Warming once and blew through it really fast? Now we're going to 'create' green-collar jobs by subsidizing some pie-in-the-sky alternative energy hoaxes. We've been working on that crap for decades and very little has come of it. These clowns are living in a dream world.
She also took pains to remind the AARP-tards that McLame might, at some point, try to stave off the coming bankruptcy of Social Security but that the Democrats are committed to a full-on meltdown.
Everything HRC said pointed to another sector of the economy and of society falling into the tender clutches of the government. But these are new times. People don't care about the convention in Seneca Falls in 1848, they don't respond to some made-up story about some hard-luck broad and her autistic children, they're not looking for more intrusive labor unions and they sure as HELL don't want to pay more taxes to do any of this stuff.
They want to drill for oil. They want their property taxes to go down, not up. They want America to assert itself on its own behalf in the world and stop truckling to left-wing internationalist groups. They see that we WON in Iraq, that it is a very good thing and that the Dems were with the enemy in every way, every day. They are sick of the whole PC mantra of being charged ever higher tax rates to soothe some poor helpless victims who never seem to get cured of their ills no matter how bloated the government budgets get. They're sick of tax hikes coupled with cuts in government services. How does that work? You pay more and get less at the same time.
The Dems are not talking about people's concerns and problems, they're talking about their own political pathology. Its worked for nearly eighty years but it is going to be severely tested this year. I'm a die-hard pessimist and I am angry and disappointed by the Republicans but if the Dems don't do something to give people an idea to vote for that isn't total government then they are going to lose Big Time. And on that day in January when Nancy Pelosi hands the Speaker's Gavel to John Boehner and Harry Reid yields the floor to Majority Leader Mitch McConnell we can all join hands, black men and white men, Jews and Gentiles, Protestants and Catholics and sing the words of the old Negro spiritual, "Free At Last, Free At Last! Thank God Almighty I'm Free At Last!"

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