Wednesday, August 6, 2008

A Major Gaffe

The Obamanator has stepped in it again. More amazing is that nobody in the media or the Democratic Party can see it. He's sure no Bill Clinton. Making the argument that having fully inflated tires is the same as drilling for oil is completely idiotic. We import 10 million barrels of foreign oil a day, if we cut that to 9.5 million we still have the same problem. We have to pursue every option. Anyone with any sense can see that. Nuclear, drilling, ethanol and the other alternative sources. Our economy can't expand if our energy supply is shrinking. Our economy can't expand if our currency loses it's value. The mask is now slipping as it becomes more and more clear how committed the Democrats are to contracting the economy.
"I'm saving the Planet!" Announced our horrible nightmare of a Speaker Of The House when a reporter dared to ask her about her stubborn refusal to schedule a vote on a bill to lift the drilling ban. Now we have the stark mental image of Barak waving a tire pressure gauge in our faces. The message is as clear as if it was his stiffened middle finger! Get out of your car and onto the bus you Plebeians, WE'RE saving the planet!
Now with the Republicans openly protesting Pelosi's arrogance and Obama getting ridicule heaped on him by talk radio even a party that appeared defunct even a month ago is showing signs of life. This election isn't going to be about Ted Stevens or John Murtha or Iraq or Medical Care or any of those issues; its going to be about energy, and in a larger sense it will be about whether we are going to take actions, in the name of Global Warming, that will severely hamper our economy. The Dems are on the wrongest of wrong sides of that issue. It worked for them when it was just something people saw on some corporate commercial about our Beautiful Green Future but now that it's come down to spiraling prices and real hardship the very group whose votes the Dems have counted on as theirs, the working class, are becoming alarmed and worried about the nation's and their own futures. All of a sudden the policy of forbidding drilling and putting a de facto moratorium on nuclear plants is seen in a different light. It also should be noted that the environmental groups give heavily to Democratic candidates and generally give nothing to the Republicans. A Democratic defeat at the hands of anti-enviro Republicans would be a disaster for those groups. Every sacred project they've worked on for the last thirty years could be overturned in a rush to grant leases, issue pipeline permits, and get to work on nuke power plants. This wouldn't be the placid atmosphere of the Bushie Years, there is panic in the air. The stampede will bring the fences down in a rush.
Can the Dems still win? It's possible but not likely. They have a complete dearth of leaders. The only one who can speak in public is Obama and he's been off his feed lately and is out of his depth on the energy issue. Handing the Republicans the Tire Guage image shows what a complete muppet he is. A nice clear visual image that an eighty-IQ retard can grasp perfectly clearly--WE"RE NOT GOING TO DO ANYTHING ABOUT HIGH RISING ENERGY PRICES!!! There isn't anyone who can put the Democratic message across because they can't put their message across; shrinking the economy and putting the government in effective control of it isn't something you really want to shout too loud about in times like these. The Republicans now have a clear, positive issue that people understand and genuinely agree with them on. Paris Hilton's 'Wrinkly Old White Guy' is starting to play to huge, enthusiastic crowds. States like Michigan are ripe for the taking. Even states like Pennsylvania. Ohio is not going to jump on the Depression Train with Mr. Tire-Gauge and the Red Army Chorus in Congress. If the Dems are going to pull this out they're going to have to come up with a reason why you don't want gas for your car. It's as easy as putting air in a tire, isn't it boys?

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