Monday, August 18, 2008

Bye Bye Afghanistan!

Every time something really, truly disastrous happens you can be sure that just as things are looking absolutely black Condi Rice will appear pretending that its just some diplomatic frisson thats going to require everyone to roll up their sleeves and do some diligent negotiating. In just the past year she has presented a Palestinian peace proposal which utterly ignored the homicidal nature of the Palestinian 'bargaining position'; she has flapped her gums very softly at the Burmese government's refusal of aid to its destitute citizens and noiselessly watched tens of thousands of them die. Now she is applauding the 'Democrats' who have taken over Pakistan. Our troops in Afghanistan are supplied through Pakistan. There is no sign of recognition that the people who are taking over are very hostile to America and the West and are much more sympathetic to China, who gave or sold Pakistan nuclear weapons when this crew was in power before Musharraf. In 1963, when the incompetent Kennedys connived to have Diem bumped off in South Vietnam LBJ was said to have remarked,"Sheet, he's the only boy we got!" Well Musharaff was the 'only boy we got' in Pakistan. This is more momentous than the fall of the Shah of Iran. We might be lucky to get our people out of Afghanistan without a fight; a fight against fanatics with nuclear weapons. Did that get your attention?
And what about the people we 'rescued' in Afghanistan, left to the tender mercies of a returned Taliban and Al Qaida? Yet another bloodbath no doubt. So we're going to have an anarchic Pakistan-Afghanistan run by Sunni Islamic fanatics possessing nuclear weapons and aligned with China next door to a Shi'ite Islamic Republic long past it's prime run by a fanatical and murderous death-cult clique of Mullahs trembling in fear of revolution but possessed very shortly of nuclear weapons of its own. A situation that Condi might describe as rich with diplomatic potential; just like two two-year-olds playing with loaded automatic pistols with the safeties off is rich with hilarity waiting to happen. Thats where 'cultural sensitivity' has led us; primitive savages with a track record of murdering their own people with gay abandon are now armed with nuclear weapons and looked on as legitimate governments whose psychotic demands have to be accommodated. What choice do we have as long as we're dependent on them for energy? I wonder if the Russians and the Chinese are having any second thoughts about handing nukes over to these unstable towelheads. Actually the Islamic proportion of the population of Russia will reach fifty percent within the next fifteen years or so, creating another Islamic nation with nukes. If I could buy real estate on the Moon right now I'd be on the next flight out. In the next few years the US's budget crisis, which is just beginning, will cause us to abandon the Eastern hemisphere; it will be like the lights going out in a tough waterfront bar.

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