Friday, August 29, 2008

Dah-ling! We're Not A-Low-wone!

Its nice to hear that no matter what happens in my sad little life I'm going to have Barak Obama and the community that is the American Government there to pick me up any time I fall flat on my stupid face. Its a nice feeling to know that every aspect of risk will soon be removed from my shaky (up to now) existence. At least thats the story.
Before BO came onto the podium he was introduced by Little Dick Durban; the Senator who compared our troops in Iraq to the Gestapo, Pol Pot and Stalin's thugs. And what did this New Age Patriot have to say about The Nominee? He compared Barak Obama's lack of experience to that of Abraham Lincoln. I've read a few books about Lincoln. Some of the most enduring and notable things about Lincoln were his incomparable mastery of the English language, his ironic wit, his incredible depth of feeling and empathy. To compare that whiny, jug-eared, self-obsessed, vapid, radical shrimp and his strung together pile of shopworn cliches to Lincoln was to invite a comparison that can only make Obama's admirers blush with shame. I myself was blushing with shame that a large group of my fellow citizens found this errant hogwash compelling.
We're going to eliminate our use of petroleum in ten years sez Obama. Really? Just exactly how is that going to happen? He quoted Thomas Edison to show that technical innovation was just a matter of will power. You see, Edison had gone to the local pols and gave them huge campaign contributions which caused them to go on a crusade against 'big kerosene'. Edison then got a law passed that mandated that everyone had to replace their kerosene lanterns with incandescent light bulbs in ten years. Congress gave Edison a gigantic subsidy to build a light bulb factory. It turned out, however, that the power plants and electrical transmission lines to implement this policy didn't exist but of course the 'jobs created' at the light bulb factory couldn't be ended so the enterprise continued as a dead loss for decades. Just like ethanol!
Just like medical care will be under Obama. But to get back to this gasoline business. Didn't Obama basically announce that he's going to take my car away? I dont see any alternative, unless its a moped that runs on ethanol. In ten years I'll be retired and I doubt I'll be able to afford a high-end, all electric vehicle like the ones the state will provide to its upper echelon employees.
Another thing mysteriously missing from Obama's speech was Climate Crap. I think he mentioned it once in a list of things that W had neglected but the sweeping, radical change in everyone's lifestyle that this phony 'crisis' will cause the government to enact wasn't trumpeted in this speech or any other one at this convention, except the pathetically, and increasingly obviously cracked Algore, of course. Too many factories are being shut down by the enviro-crazies for a party that is chasing blue-collar votes to play on too strongly.
The speech meandered on and on, far too long for something so blurry and undefined, in the style of Fidel or Hugo Chavez. Attempts by the crowd to chant 'Yes We Can' were noticeably scotched by Obama, whose advisers had read the Peggy Noonan column comparing this event with the 'Triumph Of The Will' Nuremburg rallies in 1936. 'Yes We Can' rhymes with 'Seig Hiel' if you chant it long enough; an image the Obamanoids really don't want to deal with.
The curious lack of a climax; the progressive falling off of energy levels that was noticeable in almost every speech at this dreary mess of a convention was noticeable again in this capper, headline speech. It went nowhere. There was no rousing clarion call that ended the speech in a hot wave of emotion. They wanted to invoke Martin Luther King with the cheesy set (which didn't work in any medium shots or close-ups. The set was only a recognizable image when the people on it were too small to be individuals.) but again Obama suffered mightily by the comparison. King always started slow and intimate, worked through his ideas clearly, with power and purpose, and then ended in a swelling crescendo that brought the speech to a point and drove it home, bringing the listener to tears. The squalid mish-mash of Obama's speech might have been stolen from Hillary Clinton; a laundry list of Bad Bushisms, phony personal tales of woe, and vague promises that all wounds would be healed and all wrongs righted. No final moment of truth, no calls to the angels.
And no calls for justice to 'immigrants'! In a speech filled with implied protectionism and filled with threats against greedy businessmen who export jobs the usual tender concerns for the rights of the 'undocumented' were missing; replaced with an angry threat to employers who lower American wages by hiring 'illegal aliens'!
So it seems the swing group in this election are blue-collar, working class types who have so far avoided Obama like the plague. That's why they've dropped the environmentalist claptrap, thats why Obama used the PC taboo term 'illegal alien' in his speech, that's why not one single black politician got any prime-time face time during the whole four days. The curious lack of energy is because the Dems are trying to sell a lie; we're Patriotic Americans who care about you. What nonsense.

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