Thursday, August 14, 2008

Murderer On The Roof

Behind them, according to people fleeing those villages, came a militia army of Chechen and Ossetian volunteers who had joined up with the regular Russian army. The volunteers embarked on an orgy of looting, burning, murdering and rape, witnesses claimed, adding that the irregulars had carried off young girls and men.

"They killed my neighbour's 15-year-old son. Everyone was fleeing in panic," Larisa Lazarashvili, 45, said. "The Russian tanks arrived at our village at 11.20am. We ran away. We left everything - our cattle, our house, and our possessions."

Achiko Khitarishvili, 39, from Berbuki, added: "They were killing, burning and stealing. My village isn't in a conflict zone. It's pure Georgia."

Not one German in this village escaped. not one woman escaped and not one girl- the seventy-year-old ones no more than those of twelve. If they had hidden in the barn, flames drove them out. The local farm leader's wife died under the rapings. But other women died too, after they had been taken by twenty men or more. The men died- all but four who escaped by mere chance. They died because they were fascists or had firearms or wanted to shield their women and children, or because with all the violence and drunkenness it just happened. Their dead bodies lay around in the ravaged houses, in the yards, on the street. The local farm leader dangled from the frame of his own barn door, hanged feet up, because he had been a fascist. By his side hung a boy of fourteen-- no one knew why.

'The Defeat In the East' by Juergen Thorwald

From the time of the Russian Civil War up until the present day the soul of a once great nation has been brutalized and burned out by evil men serving an evil purpose. The descriptions above could have applied equally to the Ukraine in 1933 or Afghanistan in 1987 or Chechnya in 1997. People in Russia turned in their neighbors to the secret police to get their apartments or sleep with their wives and were rewarded with medals for their Socialist vigilance. The Russians have been committing brutal atrocities without heart or mercy for nearly a century now. A society which once was at the forefront of the arts and sciences is now a burned-out, amoral hulk with a declining birthrate and an accelerating death-rate brought on by its severe and chronic alcoholism. Medical care is primitive and doctors have to be bribed to even look at their patients who are systematically robbed as they lay unconscious in their beds. The same rural exploitation that existed in the Collective Farm era exists today in the almost-depopulated hinterlands which produce a tenth of the food that they did in Tsarist times long before the Green Revolution increased yields on private farms everywhere else in the world. The only thing that that formerly mighty society produces of any value is crude petroleum and natural gas and exports are falling because the theft, oh excuse me, nationalization of the oilfields by Putin has brought them under the control of the same band of corrupt, incompetent thugs who wiped out Russia's entire class of intellectuals in the 1930s.
Now that sawed-off criminal Putin has decided to end the independence of Georgia and has sent in the squads of drunken animals which are his country's only real cultural export. Proud Russians like Mikhail Gorbachev, the guy who happily sponsored similar depredations in Afghanistan, are loudly averring that Russia was attacked by this tiny former province. Putin is restoring their national pride! Putin is restoring the national shame of a nation that killed the best members of its own people and then spread the murderous disease of communism to Eastern Europe and burned out the souls of each of those countries for half a century until the whole enterprise went bankrupt from sheer mismanagement.
The craven cowardice of the West is now on full display. The true emptiness of NATO has been unmasked by this sanguine misadventure. The NATO troops who cover cravenly in the secure areas of Afghanistan while the American and Afghan troops take the war to the Taliban are not likely to scare a brutal degenerate like Putin.
Hey, I know! Lets have a big rock concert and hold hands and sing songs about peace and raise some money so we can give the destitute survivors of the Russian onslaught in Georgia a bowl of mush once a week, providing the Russians will let us, of course.
If we don't get some kind of sense of urgency and start drilling for oil and building nuclear power plants NOW this is what the future is going to be like. Vile, heartless neo-communist regimes will complete the conquest of the world envisioned by Lenin and a new Dark Age will descend upon mankind, one where the thugs will be unrestrained in their power to torture and murder. It will be a world with a crashing population because the medical system will have been gutted by incompetence and greed and epidemics will run freely through the masses of cowering serfs.
We can get a handle on this. We are stronger than them because morality is strength. It is the only strength. That is why democracies defeat thugs almost every time. But our own democracy is in danger. If Barak Obama and the Democratic Party win this election any hope that we can survive the coming storm as a free nation is over. I know that many people despise and hate that inferior McLame, I do myself; but even if he has betrayed us again and again; even if you can't stand him on a whole panoply of core issues; even if he won't turn the direction this country is going in around, stopping Barak Obama and the Pelosi-ites is too important to waste our time casting protest votes for Bob Barr or some other comedy candidate or staying home nursing our grudges. We have to win this. This is the Big One! ANY Republican, no matter how retarded or liberal, is better than ANY Democrat, no matter how 'moderate' or sensible they seem to be. Our survival is in jeopardy, we have to act to save ourselves.

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