Monday, February 25, 2008

A Picture, So What?

So the Clinton Crime Family came up with a photo of The Obamassiah in Africa dressed up like a terrorist on graduation night at the training camp. Big Deal. After telling us since Sept 12, 2001 that we just need to understand and get along with our Muslim buddies so they wont hate us and try to put bombs on airplanes full of innocent civilians and that Islam is the Religion Of Peace, the Compassion Crowd down at Clinton Campaign Headquarters is using any contact with Islam to demonstrate that The Obamassiah is just a mole sent by Osama Bin Laden to turn over the keys to our nuclear arsenal to the Islamofascists and then institute Sharia Law. Well, he will close Club Gitmo and return the plastic explosives confiscated from the inmates when they were seized by the Horrible Bushy Fascists but so will Her Thighness, and for that matter so will McLame. Pretty thin stuff from the Clinton Crime Family, but its the fourth quarter, the clock is ticking and they're fifteen points down. Could it be that the Clints have spent the last seven years taking tens of millions from the sheiks who bankroll the terrorists and most people think that thats worse than putting on a costume when you visit your father's native country? Nah, most people dont give a crap either way. Its just that the antidote to "I'm going to begin a new era of hope and bring our country together" is not to yell at the top of your lungs "this guy's a Muslim Terrorist!". Its almost like that line spoken by Governor Lepetomane in Blazing Saddles, "Cant you see this guy's a ni..."
Actually The Obamassiah is very well traveled and often dons the quaint native costumes of the people that he is visiting. Just last year he tripped over to PyongYang to recieve the Socialist Of the Month Club's Special Achievement In Propaganda Award. Now these dudes hand out medals like one of those Ferret Shows where they have more medals on offer than they have ferrets entered in the competition but that doesnt take away from The Obamassiah's achievement. He has figured out a way to add a spoonful of sugar to the radical dose of Big Government Brand castor oil he intends to administer to the Hopeful Mob, once he gladhands his way into power. So again the last ditch political smear campaign of the Clinton crime Family bounces harmlessly off The Obamassiah's ideological armor as her poll numbers drop in Texas and Ohio and we ready ourselves for the Big Day when a weeping Hillary, standing next to a red-faced BJ, surrounded by the moldering remnants of the Golden Nineties and a secretly smiling Chelsea, bows out of the race.

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